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Sprockets' booth at one of the trade shows we attended in 2021 with text reading: 2021 Trade Show Recap: How Sprockets Helped Businesses Stabilize Staffing Levels

2021 Trade Show Recap: How Sprockets Helped Businesses Stabilize Staffing Levels

Although 2021 was full of unpredictable challenges, our passionate team helped struggling businesses harness the power of Sprockets to stabilize staffing levels during the labor crisis. Despite some cancellations, we were fortunate enough to attend six trade shows this year and connect with business owners all over the world. 

What This Means for You

Many businesses are struggling with high employee turnover, but yours doesn’t have to be one of them. We have the solution and want to help. Sprockets empowers you to be selective – even with a shallow applicant pool – and hire high-quality workers who will stay long-term. Trade shows enable us to create meaningful relationships with others and expand our horizons to additional industries, therefore helping as many people as possible build the best teams.

Our mission is to transform the traditional hiring process into an equitable one; we believe everyone deserves a fair chance. Our AI-powered platform identifies the ideal applicants without the need for resumes or interviews, eliminating potential bias.



We Attended the Following Trade Shows in 2021:

1. The International Pizza Expo & Conference

Our Sprockstars traveled to Las Vegas for the world’s largest pizza industry event: The International Pizza Expo & Conference. Thousands of pizza suppliers around the globe attended the conference which featured seminars, workshops, demos, and even pizza-themed competitions! Our team networked with suppliers, owners, and operators from a plethora of pizza brands about how Sprockets can solve their hiring challenges. Morgan Knightes, one of our Sales Development Representatives who attended the trade show, said, “We went to the Pizza Expo during the height of the hiring crisis, so people were really interested in what we were offering.” Join us at the 38th annual Pizza Expo from March 22-24 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2. Multi-Unit Franchising Conference (MUFC)

Once again, Sprockstars traveled to Las Vegas to connect with over 2,000 multi-unit franchise owners, operators, leaders, and suppliers. We had the opportunity to hear from world-class leaders like professional football hall of fame running back, Emmit Smith, and New York Times bestselling author, Jesse Itzler, to expand our knowledge of what it takes to be successful. This annual “must-attend” event also featured strategies for multi-unit, multi-brand growth, workshops, and 280+ smart solutions. MUFC has been held at Ceasar’s Forum since 2013. Their next trade show will take place from March 29 to April 1, 2022.

3. Franchise Management Advisory Council (FRANMAC)

Our team headed to Denver, Colorado, to taco ‘bout how Sprockets’ solution can stabilize staffing levels in just 90 days. Established in 1985, FRANMAC supports all Taco Bell franchise locations in the United States. “FRANMAC was my first trade show, so it was super cool to see the whole process,” said Sprockets Senior Sales Representative Tyler Chambers. “Forming relationships with people while showing them how we can make their hiring process easier was fulfilling and rewarding.” In addition to the opportunity to connect with Taco Bell owners, operators, and hiring managers, the association offered attendees unique menu items to try. Their 2022 trade show will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 3-6. 

4. Domino’s Franchisee Association (DFA)

Yet another trade show in Las Vegas, this one was anything but cheesy! Our team was able to share the power of Sprockets with vendors, owners, operators, and members of the DFA community.  “As a newly approved supplier, this was our first time exhibiting at the Domino’s Franchise Association show,” said Zach Matook, Sprockets’ Director of Marketing. “We were able to meet multiple franchisees from all over the country and really get a sense of their passion for the Domino’s brand.” They were able to showcase how our AI-powered platform can boost 90-day employee retention by an average of 43% to many various brands. Matook added, “Since the show, many new DFA members have joined our community of Sprockets customers!” Their 2022 trade show has yet to be announced.

5. National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS)

Switching gears (and industries), we traveled to Chicago, Illinois, to attend one of the largest trade shows in the United States: NACS. This annual, world-class event allowed us to meet thousands of new people within the convenience-store industry. We were honored to learn from the leading global trade association, which supports 50 countries. Approximately 24,000 attendees, including brands like AmeriGas, BioSteel, and Anheuser-Busch, discussed how to advance their business. In addition, NACS offered their audience an array of valuable content such as leadership development programs, global industry insights, and timely solutions. You can connect with more NACS members at the Las Vegas Convention Center next year from October 1-4.

6. National Owners Association (NOA)

Lastly, our team attended the fourth annual NOA trade show in Colorado. This independent association aims to unify franchise owners, suppliers, and stakeholders. Their ultimate goal is to collaborate on financial and franchise-related decisions for the better of the system. In fact, our company recently became a member and supplier partner of NOA. On their behalf, we made a charitable donation of $2,000 to the Ronald McDonald House to help families in need. We look forward to continue working with NOA to support employers, employees, and members of the community. 

Streamline Your Hiring Process With Sprockets

Attending these trade shows has enhanced our understanding of our audience and taught us what we can do better to support our customers. We are constantly improving our platform to enhance the Sprockets experience for both employers and applicants. If you missed us at the trade shows, no worries – you can still schedule a free, 15-minute demo of our platform. We’ll show you how you can increase employee retention by 43% in just 90 days like other top brands


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