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The interface of Slack, a free HR tool

5 Free HR Tools

HR is difficult, but technology can make it easier. These tools weren’t necessarily designed for HR leaders or professionals in mind, but they can help your department.

What tools did we miss? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

1. Slack

Slack is a communication tool that will replace emails, phone calls, and text messages at your company. You can chat with other employees privately, create a group for your internal department, and/or send announcements to your entire workforce… all on one platform. You’ll also be able to host phone/video calls as well as seamlessly share files.

2. Hunter

Hunter is a service that searches the internet for valid email addresses. Simply place the company URL into their search engine and you’ll be able to find the correct email format and, more often than not, the individual’s email address. Whether you’re looking for your local SHRM President or a developer that dazzled at the last Startup Weekend, Hunter will help you make the first contact.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is a platform that historically markets to sales departments. If you’re willing to get crafty, however, it can be a create tool for you! One feature sticks out: tracking emails. With Hubspot, you can track emails to see if, when, and how many times your messages are opened by the recipient. You’ll be able to tell if someone is opening your emails and ignoring you, or if they genuinely have not opened them. Spend less time wondering and more time executing!

4. NeverBounce

When you send too many unsolicited emails to candidates/recruits, you run the risk of being reported. NeverBounce is a great tool that you can use to stay out of “Spam”. It cleans your emails to make sure they are valid, not going to bounce, and not catchall.

5. Google Hangout

Video conferencing should be easy, but it seems that every company uses a different interface that requires another download or program. Google Hangout is free, easy to use (just send a link to meeting attendees), and does not require any special programs. And, as an added bonus, a Google Hangout link is automatically created whenever you create a meeting on Google Calendar. You can show your face, turn off the cameras, or screen-share.

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