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HR leaders in a meeting

7 Inspiring Quotes from HR Leaders

Here are 7 quotes from the top HR leaders to get you through the week. What quote inspires you to be a better, innovative HR leader?

HR leaders in a meeting
The Walt Disney Company

“The reason we can move faster today is because we were so deliberate in the beginning.”

– Jayne Parker, Chief Human Resources Officer, The Walt Disney Company



“If you select the right person again and again, the collection of the character, competency, and chemistry of those people would develop and strengthen the culture over time.”

– Dee Ann Turner, VP of Corporate Talent, Chick-fil-A


American Express

“Really focus on what you do well, and get into roles where you exhibit that. As you become senior, your roles are built on top of your performance.”

Jennifer Christie, Chief Diversity Officer, American Express



“People in jobs that play up their talents and let them do work they enjoy are more engaged and perform better than people in roles that don’t play to their strengths.”

– Lori Goler, Head of Human Resources, Facebook


Warby Parker

“Let it be known what you’re passionate about. That trickles over to the work you do today, but it can also trickle over to the opportunities for tomorrow, and that may not even look like what you’re doing today.”

– Susan Lee VP of People, Warby Parker



“Today, technical skills are a given. So it’s really all about the culture fit.”

Ron Storn, Vice President of People, Lyft


“Knowing your customer is critical, but we need to know our future or current employees just as much.”

– Peter Navin, CMO of People, DocuSign


Stay inspired and add your favorites in the comments below!

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