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A Guide to Sprockets ATS

Sprockets, the leading Hiring Assessment Platform, offers applicant tracking functionality.  With time-saving features that streamline the hiring process, Sprockets ATS automates a business’s recruitment process and provides the insight needed to make sound hiring decisions.

Sprockets customers sort candidates into hiring stages, record interview notes with ease, store resumes, and email candidates via pre-populated or custom templates. When coupled with Sprockets’ predictive assessments, recruiters and hiring managers have a clear view into which candidates are the best match for the job and where they reside in the hiring process.

If you are interested in Sprockets assessments but need a different ATS solution, please do not hesitate to reach out. We have great technology partners that offer solutions that will fit your needs. 



Tracking Your Candidate Pipeline

With Sprockets ATS, you can track which stage of the hiring process each applicant currently resides by sorting them by “Stages”. When a candidate completes the Sprockets survey, you will be prompted to designate them as either “screening”, “on-hold”, “hired” or “rejected”. Candidates will appear in your dashboard by their stages, making it easier than ever to manage the tedious hiring funnel.


Collect Resumes

In addition to our predictive mental makeup reports, applicants are prompted to submit their resumes with their survey. Without leaving your dashboard, you can quickly download it and have access to their work history, education, and contact information. 



Whether you want to leave your comments to another hiring manager or jot something down during your interview, Sprockets stores your notes inside the applicant’s report. Say goodbye to word documents and paper notebooks! 


Schedule Interviews and Email Candidates

While Sprockets can’t save you from reviewing every resume that comes across your desk, the platform can automate the communication to applicants you want to interview. As applicants progress through the hiring process, you can select from stage-specific email templates to reject applicants, schedule interviews, and ultimately extend an offer letter to your next top performer.


WHAT Sprockets DOES NOT DO: 

Candidate Sourcing 

Sprockets offers integration tools that you can use on existing job boards (Indeed, Career Builder, etc), but we do not have candidates coming to our website looking for a job. 


Sprockets does not offer any employee on-boarding or financial services. 


About Sprockets

At Sprockets, we help organizations recruit great people. We do this by determining the mental makeup of the highest performing people and comparing all applicants against them. We combine 80 years of scientific research with cutting edge artificial intelligence to provide assessments that predict performance and success. With Applicant Matching, Applicant Tracking, and Sprockets Boost, the result is better hires, a more engaged workforce, and less turnover.

Plus, check out these four reasons why clients love Sprockets.


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