Check Their Past and Predict Their Future — All in One Place.

Improve employee retention with our AI-powered platform that combines background checks with a sophisticated Applicant Matching System. Sprockets empowers you to hire the ideal applicants every time and reduce costly turnover by providing precise information about an applicant’s past and their likelihood of success.

Hiring Simplified

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  • Run background checks from directly within our platform.

  • Instantly see which applicants passed and failed.

  • View PDF reports of the completed background checks.

Get Preferred Pricing

Sprockets users save an average of 60% on background checks compared to the leading providers, allowing you to allocate funds elsewhere and improve your bottom line.

Benefits With the Click of a Button

Reduce Liability

Avoid any potential
legal issues at
your business.

Verify Information

Make sure all
of an applicant’s claims
are accurate.

Predict “Fit”

Further determine
whether an applicant
will be an ideal fit.

Pinpoint the Perfect Match

We make it easy to find applicants who are the precise fit for your needs. It’s no secret — it’s Sprockets. Simplify your hiring process with our solution that combines sophisticated artificial intelligence with comprehensive background checks.