Best Job Boards for Employers

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Want to speed up the hiring process? Online recruitment tools and predictive hiring systems offer the best way to find top talent. While there are thousands of job sites out there, finding new candidates that are qualified and skilled is the most important part of recruitment. You want to find job boards that pull in candidates from fields related to your industry as well. Hiring managers and recruiters can also use niche job sites to find highly qualified candidates. Most of the time, industry-specific job boards are going to be the best and fastest way to find the top talent.

Regardless of where you source talent, Sprockets is a great predictive hiring tool to administer personality assessments. Sprockets Boost connects your ATS systems, job boards, and email providers to Sprockets giving you more data than ever before to make awesome hires.

Popular Recruitment Sites

If you’re a recruiter, you are likely on all of these job search boards below. However, not all of them are created equal. Some of these rake in thousands of candidates that never have the experience or quality you are looking for. We chose a few that we like the best:

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • SimplyHired
  • Ladders
  • Monster
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Handshake
  • CareerBuilder

This is one of the largest job sites on the Internet currently. One of the best things about this site is the employer dashboard functionality. You can quickly set up new applications, view submissions, and contact recruits all through your dashboard on your browser or phone. It’s very effective to find and choose the right candidates with Indeed, and you include certain restrictions so that you don’t get an influx of poorly qualified candidates. However, Indeed isn’t free, and it will cost you to use some of their premium recruitment features.


Most recruiters already know about LinkedIn, but they may not be taking advantage of its full potential. LinkedIn has job listing and search capabilities, which will help you find a number of candidates in your area. However, the true beauty of this platform is networking. By posting your application on your feed, you can bring in more talent through your contacts. You can also join groups and follow people who are in your industry, sending them contact requests when you have a recruitment opportunity.


If you are simply looking to see all of the candidates possible in your area, aggregated from a multitude of job sites, then SimplyHired is a great bet. It will give you a lot of views, allowing you to search resumes by keyword and location. For those who want to cherry-pick based on skills and experience, this is a great way to find new talent.


For those seeking top talent in any industry, Ladders is a new site that boasts over 10 million members. Most members on Ladders have a bachelor’s degree or better, and they make $149,000 or more per year. Ladders also doesn’t just provide a resume. Recruiters also get to see the candidate’s aspirations and contact details based on their profiles. If you want high-level, executive talent, this is where you will find it.


Everyone has heard of Monster in the past 10 years. It’s one of the oldest and most marketed job board sites. With Monster, you will find all types of talent, but it’s well known for having a ton of search and sort capabilities. For recruiters who want to find talent in a specific city, you can search by most recently added to find top candidates each week. You never know who could be looking to get into a new position.


The great thing about this website is the matching system. You can use a job description template to create a quick application, then with a single click, you can get instantly matched with 100 more candidates. In addition, 80% of employers who post a job on ZipRecruiter will receive a high-quality candidate within the first day. You can see all of their resume and profile details in your dashboard as well. When you’re ready, you can invite for an interview with a quick template or send a personal message through the interview scheduler.


Handshake is another social network that looks as friendly as Facebook but actually operates like LinkedIn. You can customize your applications, send out invitations, and receive candidate matches instantly. The website is especially friendly for college students and young talent, so if you have an internship available or want some highly motivated talent, this may be the best way to find your candidates. You can also use their mobile app to find candidates on the go.


Many job applicants use CareerBuilder first due to its resume tools and job search. You can use it as an employer to quickly find matches for your job based on keywords. CareerBuilder is a great option for recruiters because you can post listings, check out new resumes, and see references all in the same place.

Industry-Specific Job Boards

There are a lot of sites on the web that are also made to find niche talent. These are sites for web developers, designers, college internships, artists, finance, sales, and more. When you are seeking candidates for entry-level positions and internships, this site can find you great talent. Just post your listing and instantly get matched with college graduates. If you are recruiting for outdoor jobs, such as national park workers, sir tutors, temporary, seasonal, and full-time jobs, then this is the site for you. Experienced farmers, ranch hands, construction contractors, and resort workers are among the talent you’ll find here. You can use this site to post all of your financial-related jobs in 35 different niches, including asset management, hedge funds, quantitative analytics, banking, trading, corporate banking, and of course, accounting. This site works well to find the top engineers in an area where you want to hire. You can find candidates by engineering specialties, previous work experience, titles, and skills. and If you are looking to find talent in tech, this is a great place to start. While you can only post your application here, you’ll be able to find talent from all over the world, and they can apply for your position right through the website. Seeking medical professionals? This is the site where you can find physicians, nurses, technicians, and all kinds of other support help within the healthcare sector. For the non-profit sector, this is where you can find volunteers, full-time help, and internship candidates. However, the key here is that you can search by specific niches.

Differences Between Job Search Engines & Job Boards

Job boards are great places to post and advertise current positions for candidates. They can search your listings based on title, keyword, job description, and location. In most cases, job boards allow these candidates to make profiles with resumes that employers can also browse, allowing you to recruit on the website. Typically, there is a small cost to recruit on these websites, however.

Job search engines are a little different because they aggregate everything and put it in one place. Recruiters can use job search engines to see what employers are looking for, as well as post listings to see who is applying for these jobs. Most online recruitment sites are a mixture of a job search engine and a job board.

Final Word

Recruiting online is so much easier when you have all the right tools at hand to deliver high-quality candidates. Recruiters can guarantee better prospects by using assessment software and recruiting technology to weed out the wrong candidates. This way, you don’t waste all of your time and effort on candidates who aren’t right for the company culture or don’t have the skills needed.