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How Technology Fosters Diversity Recruitment

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In an increasingly global business environment, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are critical success factors in terms of recruitment, employee engagement, reducing employee turnover, and work productivity. Building a diverse and inclusive workforce means basing the recruitment and hiring process on the best fit. The best fit includes talent and skills regardless of the candidate’s background, gender, age ethnicity, sexual orientation. It means administering candidate assessments that are unbiased and account for differences in socioeconomic backgrounds.

Aside from the manpower benefits, a diverse workforce enables organizations to reach new and diverse markets. Jeff Humphreys, Director of the Selig Center and author of the Selig Center’s annual Multicultural Economy reports that “in 2012, the $1.2 trillion Hispanic market is larger than the entire economies of all but 13 countries in the world. One Deloitte survey shows that those companies fostering a diverse and inclusive workplaces generate 30% more revenue per employee. The same companies are also 2X more likely to exceed financial targets. In short, diversity is good for business.  

5 Ways Technology Promotes Diversity 

While most organizations recognize the importance of recruiting a diverse workforce, many experience challenges in establishing a recruitment strategy and program that will attract candidates from diverse groups.  The rise of technology in the recruitment and hiring process helps to alleviate some of these challenges.

1.) Software Choice

One strategy is to utilize software that will create diverse-friendly language in job postings. The words and language used in these postings often send a  message to candidates in the talent pool that is different from what the company intended. For example, overly aggressive and “masculine” language (e.g. “hunter mentality” or “sales warrior”) tends to deter female applicants. Better to use software that can analyze word choice and exclusionary language and suggest alternative, more neutral verbiage, that will appeal to a larger number of candidates in order to get diverse talent.  

2.) Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

An applicant tracking system makes it possible to collect data regarding the background of candidates and, if necessary, alter sourcing strategy to foster a more diverse pool and ensure compliance with the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

3.) Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Bias

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is highly beneficial for reducing bias in the recruitment and hiring process. Bias comes into play when a candidate’s background or experiences have an impact on the actions and decisions of the recruiter without their realizing it. For example, a female engineering candidate may receive greater attention from a female hiring manager than a male candidate. Artificial Intelligence-powered recruitment platforms perform an objective analysis of candidate skills, competencies, and knowledge while subtracting out such demographic factors as age, race, ethnicity, or gender.  

4.) Social Media Marketing

A survey by Glassdoor found that 67% of candidates consider the diversity of a company an important factor in whether they will accept a job offer.  In effect, diversity attracts diversity! In recognition of this, it’s important that all videos, podcasts and other marketing material posted to social media or the company website reflect a diverse and inclusive workforce and positive company culture to the job seekers. 

5.) Conduct Diversity Training

Utilize e-learning platforms to implement diversity training to employees across your organization. This fosters an organization-wide value on diversity. Valuing diversity translates into employees becoming the most cost-effective recruitment partners. The use of web-based training is highly cost-effective. It is cost-effective because one presentation can be viewed by employees across the country. For the recruitment staff and talent acquisition leaders, such training can include discussion regarding unconscious bias and how to use a more data-centered approach (such as AI) to foster diversity. Learning Management Systems (LMS) also allow human resource staff to measure the success and outcomes of the training, such as the number of employees who have completed the module(s).

With the global nature of business, it’s imperative that the recruitment and hiring process incorporate a Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Implementing a technology-assisted methodology will foster a more diverse candidate pool. This means your firm competes successfully in terms of talent attraction and customer market share.  Learn more about the impact of AI on recruitment in this blog post

About Sprockets

Sprockets helps companies hire more top-performing people. The predictive Applicant Matching System decreases the number of screening interviews you conduct. It also reduces turnover through increased employee engagement. Start predicting employee success with a free account today! No credit card required.

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How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Recruiting Process?

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Recruiting Process? 1468 980 Sprockets

Using traditional recruitment methods, employers had to go through a lengthy and time-consuming process of applications, interviews, and background checks before finding the right match for the job.

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has made this process much more efficient. AI can now scan online profiles and even conduct interviews with pre-recorded responses tailored to each applicant’s resume.

This article will discuss the use of AI in recruitment, its benefits, and how artificial intelligence will change the recruiting process in future.

Key Takeaways from Post:

  • Finding candidates will always be challenging, but AI makes the process more efficient.

  • Companies like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Sprockets are using AI to match the candidate’s skills and personality to your organizational needs.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not designed to replace recruiters. It is designed to help recruiters.

AI in Recruitment

The use of AI has made the recruiting process faster and more efficient for employers. Today, as companies depend on technology to run their businesses, AI has become a crucial part of recruiting and HR management to increase productivity and improve employee retention.

AI technology can communicate and interact with job applicants while also filtering their applications according to specific criteria through Applicant Tracking System (ATS). These systems are structured around keywords and phrases that the applicant uses in answers, making it easy for recruiters or hiring managers to peruse the application quickly.

AI technologies also make it easier for companies to monitor online profiles created by candidates on social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, providing valuable information when screening potential employees.

Benefits of AI on the Recruitment Process

AI has become a vital tool for employers to reduce costs associated with the recruitment process. Below are the benefits of using AI in the recruitment process:



Have you ever posted an application and immediately gotten a match? How accurate was the match to your job description? Artificial intelligence is looking to make that match even more accurate. Data can now improve upon the accuracy of job skills, salaries, and user tendencies so that you get a candidate that will truly match what you are looking for. Job boards are utilizing AI more and more to match data points with the right opportunities. For example, AI and machine-learning have helped job boards like Indeed make predictive analysis on what a salary should be for a certain job.

In addition, Indeed’s AI can pull information from resumes through natural-language processing. This allows the computer to extract relevant key phrases from text using only computer programs. This helps the AI match skills with applications in certain industries.

Ultimately, this data and matchmaking will lead to less time spent looking for candidates.

Skills Testing

For recruiters looking at technical candidates, skills testing on sites like CodeFights is a huge relief. It can open the doors for programmers who have proven their skills on the skills-based platform. Artificial intelligence can track these skills tests and offer up candidates to recruiters who want to find very specific skills within programming and development.

The founder of CodeFights says that job searches are going to get much easier with more objective data, especially for technical recruiting. In fact, he thinks that job sites will become hubs for skills-building and education, allowing job seekers to prove their quality to the recruiter or hiring manager before getting into the interview.

Assessment software is already a popular tool during the hiring process, but with AI, it could become as simple as a quiz to ensure that the candidate has all of the skills necessary to perform the job. Learn how Sprockets’ AI-backed, predictive hiring solution can help your company.

This new layer of testing may become the definitive way that certain industry-specific candidates are selected. Instead of applying with a resume, candidates may simply sign up to take an assessment. The AI can then match answers and data points with what skills are necessary at certain tech firms. New algorithms and testing processes will predict which candidates have the best skills for certain projects, and it could get even more granular than that.

More Efficiency and Deeper Knowledge of Candidates

LinkedIn is using AI to sort job seeking and recruiting data. There are over 500 million users on LinkedIn, so there are millions of interactions that are being recorded and collected, ultimately improving the rate at which a candidate is found.

Today’s talent search can feel extremely slow and inefficient at times. You may have to send out applications, emails, and networking requests only to hear back nothing, or worse, you can spend all the time on a candidate who doesn’t really have the skills you were looking for in the interview.

With Artificial intelligence, you can now sort through candidates at faster rates, instantly matching based on certain skills and previous work experience. This is only going to improve as AI learns more about the job search and recruiting process.Some businesses are already using AI to hire candidates when they are in a crunch for certain projects. While it doesn’t lead to a perfect fit all the time, companies are getting close to recruiting with just an AI chat bot in some cases.

Tech workers believe that recruiters will spend less time on job boards and more quality time with potential recruits. With more pre-screened efficient matches, recruiters will be able to impress companies with their ability to find highly qualified candidates.

How Will AI Change Recruitment in the Future?

As technology advances, it’s clear that artificial intelligence will continue to play a critical role in the recruitment process. AI is already being used and tested in retail, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, and professional services.

It’s vital that now is the time for your recruiting and human resource teams to learn about artificial intelligence and explore ways to implement these technologies into the recruitment process.

Incorporating AI into your hiring process is not just a way to save time and money while finding the best candidate for your company but also a strategic advantage over competitors.

Should Recruiters Worry About AI?

There are some who think that job recruiters could be replaced by AI engines. However, there is no substitute for the human touch in the hiring process. Mundane tasks can be eliminated by artificial intelligence to make the hiring process more efficient and effective.

Let Sprockets Be Your Transition to Using AI Recruitment Software

Artificial intelligence has already had a significant impact on the recruiting process in both large and small companies. Incorporating AI in your hiring process eliminates time-consuming tasks such as sorting resumes and helps reduce human bias during the hiring process. Sprockets provides companies with AI-powered hiring software that reduces employee turnover by matching applicants to opportunities based on attributes of the current top-performing employees.

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How Pre-Hire Assessments Create a Long-lasting Positive Employee Experience

How Pre-Hire Assessments Create a Long-lasting Positive Employee Experience 460 385 Sprockets

Hiring can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Not to mention the stiff competition for top talents leaves you with little time to select ideal candidates. Luckily, pre-hire assessment tools for candidates come in handy to fasten the process and lower employee turnover. We have provided some tips below to enhance your employees’ experience.

Challenges in recruitment lead to better data management

Advanced assessment technology makes it possible to hire people who have the best chance of success in a given role. This produces employees who are well-suited for their jobs and demonstrate high levels of employee engagement — a critical factor that influences performance and productivity.

So, how can an organization use candidate assessments to achieve the above results? It starts with creating a long-lasting positive employee experience.

The crossroads of efficient hiring and the candidate experience

Prospective employees gain an impression of your business from the moment they first set sight of your company’s branding or job advertisement. Studies further indicate that 60% of employees report a negative impression of their employers. First impressions are vital, and they can determine whether the employee will stay for the long haul to become a company’s asset or quit for greener pastures elsewhere.

Some of the interviewees’ negative experiences include lack of frequent updates, discriminatory treatment by the hiring team, and long recruitment processes. You should eliminate these problems as you carry out your recruitment process.

Factors like candidate expectations and the interviewer’s needs also come into play. The interviewers cannot predict the success ability of the new employees because performance is in the past.  LinkedIn research shows that 63% of hiring managers are unable to gauge a candidate’s soft skills. Another 57% cast doubt on their ability to work out a candidate’s weakness.

Why leave things to chance? Invest in the Right Tools

The right candidate assessment tool has the potential to unlock a clear plan of action for recruiters, by using big data to select new hires. Pre-hire assessments provide deep insight into a candidate’s abilities, skills, values, and work style that an interview fails to shed light on. Using smart data gathering that relies on facts and not biased opinions about people is a far better indicator of success.

Recruiters can also improve the candidate experience by making it more personalized while respecting their privacy. This is something that more candidates are expecting. The candidate assessment allows recruiters to learn more about a candidate before meeting with him or her so that during any interviews, it’s not about the resume, it’s about the person’s goals and values.

Knowing these factors in advance helps recruiters make more accurate placements and it can also help build a talent pipeline. If the right job isn’t available now, candidates can rest assured knowing that the company has invested time in them and will be calling soon with a more suitable job offer.

Increasing employee engagement and professional development

In the long term, onboarding of employees can be designed around a customized plan for each new hire. The customized plan should be based on the data gathered during the pre-hire assessment. As an employee, any strengths revealed can determine the first tasks to be assigned. Any weaknesses that the assessment discovered can be used to develop training needs. Employees can self-assess to see their progress improve and this prepares them for advanced roles in the company. The goal is to give employees more control over their career growth. Assessments provide the data that proves they are ready for leadership roles.

There is power in data and candidate assessments help make sense of it all.

The HR Tech Outlook logo with text reading "TOP 10 RECRUITMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION PROVIDERS - 2019"

Sprockets Named Top 10 Recruitment Software for 2019

Sprockets Named Top 10 Recruitment Software for 2019 1564 380 Sprockets

HR Tech Outlook, the industry’s leading tech magazine, recently added Sprockets to their prestigious “Top 10 Recruitment Software” list. (see the article here) We are grateful to be recognized for our positive contributions to the industry and look forward to finding ways to help small businesses hire the right people.

As our team celebrated last night, we took turns writing reasons why we won on the whiteboard. The result was 10 compelling statements that perfectly articulate the value.


Other personality assessments presume to know what it takes to be successful at every organization by creating overgeneralized frameworks for, as an example, salespeople. But, does a used car salesman have the same personality as someone who sells nonprofit software? No. Sprockets learns what it takes to be successful in your culture, and helps you hire people that have the highest probability to succeed under your leadership.


Traditional tests can cost up to $500 per person (and require a third party consultant). We offer a Freemium model that offers up to 10 assessments per month, free applicant tracking, and Boost for free! For unlimited assessments, customers pay just $99 per month.


We designed Sprockets to be 100% self-service. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and invite candidates to complete the survey. For those who need a little assistance, we offer free 24-hour chat support and a comprehensive knowledge base with step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and other helpful screenshots.


When a candidate completes a Sprockets survey, the hiring manager receives a comprehensive Mental Makeup Analysis as well as a score of one through ten based on the their probability to succeed at their company specifically. Our technology is designed to help you predict great hires and reduce poor personnel decisions, not give you unactionable personality data.


With Sprockets Boost, customers can connect their Sprockets accounts to their current HR stack. This includes job boards, applicant tracking systems, social networks, email providers, onboarding tools, and much more. With no more bouncing from tool to tool, Sprockets makes it easier than ever before to analyze and hire candidates!


Sprockets is powered by IBM Watson artificial intelligence, providing us with better ways to collect, analyze, and report large datasets. The technology is getting smarter every day and we are constantly finding new ways to provide value to our customers by leveraging big data.


Sprockets uses the sophisticated and proven science of psycholinguistics to create mental makeup analyses. Since the theory was first developed in 1936, thousands of scientists have been studying how the human mind develops, comprehends, and uses language. Sprockets combines AI with this science to build accurate, validated, and comprehensive reports.


Technology publication Hypepotamus said it best, “This Startup Makes Hiring Less Biased with AI.” The platform integrates into the diversity and inclusion missions of our customers, and provides the tools to support intellectual and cultural diversity in the workforce. As an added bonus, Sprockets is available in 5 different languages.


Sprockets’ simplicity and low cost brings the well-established power of assessments to every size company and every position. Just as the c-suites of Fortune 500 companies make informed hiring decisions, a local coffee shop can use our assessments to hire the best possible baristas.


We are maniacally focused on disrupting the use of assessments in the hiring process. Sprockets envisions a world where companies of all sizes and disciplines have access to predictive tools like Sprockets. We do not wish to upend your tech stack nor do we recommend a complete change in your people strategy. Sprockets was built to be easily added into any company process!

Thank you to the our customers, employees, investors, and advisors who made this accomplishment possible. With your help, we will further our mission to democratize and disrupt the assessment market.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Resources

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Resources Sprockets

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most misunderstood technologies in history, especially as it is applied to human resources. When most people first think of “AI” they oftentimes picture Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator. News articles and Facebook pages include illustrations of mutilated cybernetic organisms consisting of living tissue over a robotic endoskeleton. But, don’t worry, Skynet is not here to destroy the planet nor is AI here to replace you as a human resource employee.

Artificial Intelligence is not a robot, but rather the ability of a computer program to bring structure to vasts amount of unstructured data. There is a seemingly endless amount of data in the world, and 90% of it was created in the last 2 years.

No single person, or group of people, will ever be able to properly collect, review, and analyze that amount of information. Artificial intelligence helps us close that gap to create a safer, healthier, and smarter world.

The Current Use of Artificial Intelligence

Below are a few examples of how it’s currently being used:

  • Doctors put their patient’s symptoms into an AI-based computer program to determine all the possible diagnoses.

  • Netflix uses AI to help suggest movies that users will enjoy based on what they’ve already watched.

  • Google Maps uses to determine the optimal route to take by scanning road information, traffic patterns, and much more.

  • Pharmaceutical companies create lifesaving medicines using AI in a fraction of the time and cost it traditionally takes.

  • Uber and Lyft use AI to predict when more drivers are needed before rush hour hits so riders are not left stranded.

In these examples, artificial intelligence takes large amounts of data that no human could ever instantaneously manage to create actionable insight for the end user. The result is more efficiency and better decisions… in all industries (including human resources).

A graphic with a human and a robot

How do AI and HR work together?

AI increases your value

Many people fear that artificial intelligence will replace human resource employees. This is simply untrue. In fact, the opposite is becoming true. HR leaders who do not leverage the power of artificial intelligence miss out on data insights that influence their decisions and spend time on repetitive, low value tasks. HR professionals provide more value when AI completes the mundane tasks, and the professional uses their expertise on bigger initiatives.

Recruiting and Hiring

According to SHRM, 49% of companies currently leverage artificial intelligence for recruiting and hiring. Hiring managers can leverage AI-backed products to find more candidates, schedule interviews faster, and make more informed hires. We offer AI-backed personality assessments for 50 cents. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial!

Removing Biases

In a recent study by the Human Resources Professional Association, researchers found HR may subconsciously lean towards candidates most like them creating a “unconscious bias”, during the hiring process.Artificial intelligence is free of those potential issues and provides HR managers with unbiased, data-driven assessments.

Identifying High Potentials and Employees That Are Going to Leave

AI can provide insight into workforce productivity. Platforms exist that study things like emails, internet browsing, and keystrokes to determine who is working hard and who is hardly working. The system flags reports outliers to HR and can track an employee’s work habits over time.

Sign of the Times

A recent study by IBM containing 6,000 executives concluded that 66% of CEO’s believe that cognitive computing will drive significant value in human resources while 50%+ believe that it “has the power to transform key dimensions of HR.” Don’t be afraid to take the plunge with an AI-based HR tool. You will be in the majority.

About Sprockets

Sprockets helps companies hire more top-performing people. Our assessment discovers the shared characteristics of your best people and uses that information to predict a new hire’s likelihood to succeed in a position before they’re hired.


Sprockets Releases Applicant Tracking Feature

Sprockets Releases Applicant Tracking Feature 150 150 Sprockets

Sprockets, the leading Hiring Assessment Platform powered by IBM’s Watson AI, grew its capabilities, adding Applicant Tracking (ATS) to its platform. With time saving features that streamline the hiring process, Sprockets ATS automates a business’s recruitment process and provides the insights needed to make sound hiring decisions.

Hiring just one employee requires you to spend countless hours on the same steps. From sifting through resumes to scheduling interviews to comparing candidates. Sprockets automates these tasks so a recruiters expertise is spent on interviewing the right candidates – and the rest of their task list.

Sprockets customers can now sort candidates into hiring stages, record interview notes with ease, store resumes, and email candidates via pre-populated or custom templates. When coupled with assessments, recruiters and hiring managers have a clear view into which candidates are the best match for the job and where they reside in the hiring process.

AJ Richichi, CEO of Sprockets, laments, “Hiring is a full time job. Our customers can’t afford waste their thought power on tasks we can automate for them. Freed from these tasks, recruiters and hiring managers can spend more time utilizing their expertise. This includes reviewing the best resumes and interviewing the right candidates.”

The new features in the release of Sprockets ATS include:

Candidate Profiles – Know Who’s the Best Applicant

Sprockets ATS leverages the power of hiring assessments to evaluate each applicant, before you ever review their resume. Instead of scanning through hundreds of resumes, you’ll see which candidates are the best fit for the position. Focusing on the candidates with the highest likelihood to succeed reduces the number of screening interviews required to make a great hire.

Applicant Tracking – Eliminate Redundant Tasks

While Sprockets can’t save you from reviewing every resume that comes across your desk, the platform can automate the communication to applicants you want to interview. As applicants progress through the hiring process, you can select from stage specific email templates to reject applicants, schedule interviews, and ultimately hire your next top performer.

Hiring Stages, Resumes, and Notes – Ditch the Manilla Folder and Spreadsheet

Sprockets’ applicant tracking system keeps you on track. With Sprockets Applicant Tracking, you can track which stage of the hiring process each applicant currently resides. Plus, you can store resumes within their candidate profile and put in notes. No longer will you depend on the organized chaos of Excel or simply losing a folder of resumes.

Sprockets ATS Integrations – Connect All Your HR Tools

Sourcing applicants on a job board? Already using an Applicant Tracking System? Sprockets Boost allows you to connect applicants from any web-based tool to the Sprockets platform. This means you can invite candidates to complete an assessment survey and review their results without jumping from tool-to-tool.

This new functionality is available immediately to all HR professionals and hiring managers using the Sprockets Assessment Platform. It is the second major release since Sprockets first launched three months ago.

“The release of Sprockets Applicant Tracking furthers our mission to make world-class human resource technology available to companies of all sizes,” said AJ Richichi. “I’m truly excited about how Sprockets Applicant Tracking will make the hiring process more efficient for our customers!”

About Sprockets

At Sprockets, we help organizations recruit great people. We do this by determining the mental makeup of the highest performing people and comparing all applicants against them. We combine 80 years of scientific research with cutting edge artificial intelligence to provide assessments that predict performance and success. With Applicant Matching, Applicant Tracking, and Sprockets Boost, the result is better hires, a more engaged workforce, and less turnover.

Meet the Sprockets CEO

Meet the Sprockets CEO Sprockets

Jump in and get to know Sprockets’ Founder and CEO, AJ Richichi, and how he got started in HR Tech.

AJ Richichi, the CEO of SprocketsWhat tabs are open on your computer right now?

Gmail, Twitter, Stack Overflow, ESPN, and GDrive.

What was your first job?

I grew up in a really small town in Upstate NY. When I was in 6th grade, I annoyed my much cooler older brother until he agreed to let me be his “music manager” (whatever that meant). We released a three-song CD called “Summer Crush” and donated all proceeds to cancer research. He later attended Berkeley and is now a professional musician. It’s amazing that he made it despite my influence!

Why HR tech? Why not another discipline?

Great question. It’s really simple: I love business, I love people, and I love tech. Sprockets has given me an opportunity to build technology that helps businesses find awesome people. I’ve spent the last three years learning about the challenges of HR executives learning about benefits, compliance, recruiting, onboarding, culture, safety, compliance, interviewing, and so much more. When do y’all sleep?! I have tremendous respect for people in HR. They are tasked with the company’s most important responsibilities with very little tech or tools. My hope is that Sprockets can take the weight off their shoulders and enable them to make awesome personnel decisions.

What’s your favorite event in Charleston?

That’s easy… Charleston Fashion Week. It’s so far out of my comfort zone, but the entrepreneur in me loves watching the designers, bloggers, and models fulfilling their dreams on their biggest stage. If you go, find the mastermind behind JoJo Rings. Her name is Jordan Richichi. I’ll be somewhere in the corner holding her stuff!

What is your advice to those who want to start a business?

Use your chips wisely. Social capital is very valuable for any technology start-up, but it is also very limited. When we first landed in Charleston, and then expanded to Greenville, we placed an emphasis on “observation” before “saturation”. For nearly a year we attended events without name tags, built strong relationships exclusively with customers that we hand-selected, and actively rejected any and all media (social, blog, PR). This gave us additional time to develop our technology, pick the right markets and customers, grow our team, gain mentors, and learn more about the competition. Far too often startups burn capital, both monetary and social, by prematurely sponsoring events, throwing parties, and jumping into markets they don’t fully understand. I’ve made this mistake on previous projects.

What’s your favorite event in Greenville?

I have a real emotional connection with DisruptHR Greenville. When I first came to South Carolina, I wanted desperately to have a positive impact on the community. It’s one thing to start a business– it’s an entirely different animal to host a global conference. With a lot of Redbull and amazing support from mentors, sponsors, speakers, and community leaders, we were able to pull off two successful events in twelve months. My experience with DisruptHR speaks to Greenville’s collaborative culture. Here I was, a 23-year-old Yankee, given an opportunity to try something new. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible!

What are you doing when you’re not working?

I love watching sports, whether I’m checking out a five-star recruit at a Fort Dorchester football game, heading up to Greenville to watch my nephew in little league soccer, or chanting to Sandstorm at William’s Brice. My wife and I hope to see a new SEC stadium every year. This season we’re heading to the Swamp!

Do you want to give any shoutouts?

Yes! Everyone go to and become a digital ambassador! They are a people-powered movement bringing together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders to share all the amazing things happening in Charleston.

Sprockets helps companies hire more top-performing people. Our assessment discovers the shared characteristics of your best people and uses that information to predict a new hire’s likelihood to succeed in a position before they’re hired.

Start predicting employee success with a free account today! No credit card required.

The interface of Slack, a free HR tool

5 Free HR Tools

5 Free HR Tools 739 552 Sprockets

HR is difficult, but technology can make it easier. These tools weren’t necessarily designed for HR leaders or professionals in mind, but they can help your department.

What tools did we miss? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

1. Slack

Slack is a communication tool that will replace emails, phone calls, and text messages at your company. You can chat with other employees privately, create a group for your internal department, and/or send announcements to your entire workforce… all on one platform. You’ll also be able to host phone/video calls as well as seamlessly share files.

2. Hunter

Hunter is a service that searches the internet for valid email addresses. Simply place the company URL into their search engine and you’ll be able to find the correct email format and, more often than not, the individual’s email address. Whether you’re looking for your local SHRM President or a developer that dazzled at the last Startup Weekend, Hunter will help you make the first contact.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is a platform that historically markets to sales departments. If you’re willing to get crafty, however, it can be a create tool for you! One feature sticks out: tracking emails. With Hubspot, you can track emails to see if, when, and how many times your messages are opened by the recipient. You’ll be able to tell if someone is opening your emails and ignoring you, or if they genuinely have not opened them. Spend less time wondering and more time executing!

4. NeverBounce

When you send too many unsolicited emails to candidates/recruits, you run the risk of being reported. NeverBounce is a great tool that you can use to stay out of “Spam”. It cleans your emails to make sure they are valid, not going to bounce, and not catchall.

5. Google Hangout

Video conferencing should be easy, but it seems that every company uses a different interface that requires another download or program. Google Hangout is free, easy to use (just send a link to meeting attendees), and does not require any special programs. And, as an added bonus, a Google Hangout link is automatically created whenever you create a meeting on Google Calendar. You can show your face, turn off the cameras, or screen-share.

Sprockets helps companies hire more top-performing people. Our assessment discovers the shared characteristics of your best people and uses that information to predict a new hires likelihood to succeed in a position before they’re hired.

Sprockets decreases the number of screening interviews you conduct, allows you to conduct candidate assessments for 50 cents per person, and reduces turnover through increased employee engagement.

Start predicting employee success with a free account today! No credit card required.

A Guide to Sprockets ATS

A Guide to Sprockets ATS 150 150 Sprockets

Sprockets, the leading Hiring Assessment Platform, offers applicant tracking functionality.  With time-saving features that streamline the hiring process, Sprockets ATS automates a business’s recruitment process and provides the insight needed to make sound hiring decisions.

Sprockets customers sort candidates into hiring stages, record interview notes with ease, store resumes, and email candidates via pre-populated or custom templates. When coupled with Sprockets’ predictive assessments, recruiters and hiring managers have a clear view into which candidates are the best match for the job and where they reside in the hiring process.

If you are interested in Sprockets assessments but need a different ATS solution, please do not hesitate to reach out. We have great technology partners that offer solutions that will fit your needs. 



Tracking Your Candidate Pipeline

With Sprockets ATS, you can track which stage of the hiring process each applicant currently resides by sorting them by “Stages”. When a candidate completes the Sprockets survey, you will be prompted to designate them as either “screening”, “on-hold”, “hired” or “rejected”. Candidates will appear in your dashboard by their stages, making it easier than ever to manage the tedious hiring funnel.


Collect Resumes

In addition to our predictive mental makeup reports, applicants are prompted to submit their resumes with their survey. Without leaving your dashboard, you can quickly download it and have access to their work history, education, and contact information. 



Whether you want to leave your comments to another hiring manager or jot something down during your interview, Sprockets stores your notes inside the applicant’s report. Say goodbye to word documents and paper notebooks! 


Schedule Interviews and Email Candidates

While Sprockets can’t save you from reviewing every resume that comes across your desk, the platform can automate the communication to applicants you want to interview. As applicants progress through the hiring process, you can select from stage-specific email templates to reject applicants, schedule interviews, and ultimately extend an offer letter to your next top performer.


WHAT Sprockets DOES NOT DO: 

Candidate Sourcing 

Sprockets offers integration tools that you can use on existing job boards (Indeed, Career Builder, etc), but we do not have candidates coming to our website looking for a job. 


Sprockets does not offer any employee on-boarding or financial services. 


About Sprockets

At Sprockets, we help organizations recruit great people. We do this by determining the mental makeup of the highest performing people and comparing all applicants against them. We combine 80 years of scientific research with cutting edge artificial intelligence to provide assessments that predict performance and success. With Applicant Matching, Applicant Tracking, and Sprockets Boost, the result is better hires, a more engaged workforce, and less turnover.

Plus, check out these four reasons why clients love Sprockets.