Sprockets Receives Additional Funding to Fuel Expansion

Sprockets Receives Additional Funding to Fuel Expansion 150 150 Sprockets

Summerville, S.C. – Today, SCRA announces a $125,000 SC Launch, Inc. investment in the hiring solution, Sprockets. The Charleston-based company was accepted into SCRA’s entrepreneurial program, SC Launch, in January 2017.

Sprockets’ hiring solution is used by human resource experts to benchmark current employees and develop a success profile for future job candidates. The company’s pre-hire assessments ensure employers hire people with the highest likelihood of success, resulting in a high-performance workforce and engaged employees. The platform was launched in August and was recently recognized by HR Tech Outlook as one of ten top recruitment software platforms for 2019. The investment from SC Launch, Inc is on the heels of an investment from VentureSouth in October 2018 and will be used to scale outreach amongst small to mid-sized businesses that typically cannot afford to use hiring assessments.

“This funding truly furthers Sprockets mission to make a hiring solution available to companies of all sizes,” said AJ Richichi, Sprockets CEO. “I’m excited about how Sprockets makes the hiring process more accurate and reduces turnover for our customers. With the help of SCRA, we can now bring those benefits to businesses on a national scale.”

“Sprockets is solving a pervasive issue of defining and identifying the right talent for companies large and small,” said Jill Sorensen, Director of Entrepreneurial Programs and Executive Director of SC Launch, Inc. “Our team has been very impressed by their leadership and product, and we are excited to watch their growth.”

SCRA is a state-chartered organization that fuels job creation and grows South Carolina’s innovation economy. Through SC Launch, early-stage companies are provided mentoring and grants and may be eligible for an investment from SC Launch, Inc. The SC Launch program is open to qualified South Carolina companies in the Advanced Materials/Manufacturing, Information Technology and Life Sciences sectors.

About SCRA

Chartered in 1983 by the State of South Carolina as a public, non-profit corporation, SCRA fuels South Carolina’s Innovation Economy by supporting entrepreneurs, enabling academic research and its commercialization, and connecting industry to innovators.

About SC Launch, Inc.

Established in 2006, SC Launch, Inc. is an independent, non-profit corporation affiliated with SCRA, which provides loans and investments to selected South Carolina-based companies participating in the SC Launch program.

Sprockets’ predictive hiring solution is designed to help human resources professionals and business managers make the best hires for their company. With artificial intelligence and psycholinguistics, Sprockets matches candidates against the top performers in a position – ensuring great hires. Check out four reasons why clients love Sprockets.

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Sprockets Named Top 10 Recruitment Software for 2019

Sprockets Named Top 10 Recruitment Software for 2019 1564 380 Sprockets

HR Tech Outlook, the industry’s leading tech magazine, recently added Sprockets to their prestigious “Top 10 Recruitment Software” list. (see the article here) We are grateful to be recognized for our positive contributions to the industry and look forward to finding ways to help small businesses hire the right people.

As our team celebrated last night, we took turns writing reasons why we won on the whiteboard. The result was 10 compelling statements that perfectly articulate the value.


Other personality assessments presume to know what it takes to be successful at every organization by creating overgeneralized frameworks for, as an example, salespeople. But, does a used car salesman have the same personality as someone who sells nonprofit software? No. Sprockets learns what it takes to be successful in your culture, and helps you hire people that have the highest probability to succeed under your leadership.


Traditional tests can cost up to $500 per person (and require a third party consultant). We offer a Freemium model that offers up to 10 assessments per month, free applicant tracking, and Boost for free! For unlimited assessments, customers pay just $99 per month.


We designed Sprockets to be 100% self-service. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and invite candidates to complete the survey. For those who need a little assistance, we offer free 24-hour chat support and a comprehensive knowledge base with step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and other helpful screenshots.


When a candidate completes a Sprockets survey, the hiring manager receives a comprehensive Mental Makeup Analysis as well as a score of one through ten based on the their probability to succeed at their company specifically. Our technology is designed to help you predict great hires and reduce poor personnel decisions, not give you unactionable personality data.


With Sprockets Boost, customers can connect their Sprockets accounts to their current HR stack. This includes job boards, applicant tracking systems, social networks, email providers, onboarding tools, and much more. With no more bouncing from tool to tool, Sprockets makes it easier than ever before to analyze and hire candidates!


Sprockets is powered by IBM Watson artificial intelligence, providing us with better ways to collect, analyze, and report large datasets. The technology is getting smarter every day and we are constantly finding new ways to provide value to our customers by leveraging big data.


Sprockets uses the sophisticated and proven science of psycholinguistics to create mental makeup analyses. Since the theory was first developed in 1936, thousands of scientists have been studying how the human mind develops, comprehends, and uses language. Sprockets combines AI with this science to build accurate, validated, and comprehensive reports.


Technology publication Hypepotamus said it best, “This Startup Makes Hiring Less Biased with AI.” The platform integrates into the diversity and inclusion missions of our customers, and provides the tools to support intellectual and cultural diversity in the workforce. As an added bonus, Sprockets is available in 5 different languages.


Sprockets’ simplicity and low cost brings the well-established power of assessments to every size company and every position. Just as the c-suites of Fortune 500 companies make informed hiring decisions, a local coffee shop can use our assessments to hire the best possible baristas.


We are maniacally focused on disrupting the use of assessments in the hiring process. Sprockets envisions a world where companies of all sizes and disciplines have access to predictive tools like Sprockets. We do not wish to upend your tech stack nor do we recommend a complete change in your people strategy. Sprockets was built to be easily added into any company process!

Thank you to the our customers, employees, investors, and advisors who made this accomplishment possible. With your help, we will further our mission to democratize and disrupt the assessment market.

Sprockets Releases Applicant Tracking Feature

Sprockets Releases Applicant Tracking Feature 150 150 Sprockets

Sprockets, the leading Hiring Assessment Platform powered by IBM’s Watson AI, grew its capabilities, adding Applicant Tracking (ATS) to its platform. With time saving features that streamline the hiring process, Sprockets ATS automates a business’s recruitment process and provides the insights needed to make sound hiring decisions.

Hiring just one employee requires you to spend countless hours on the same steps. From sifting through resumes to scheduling interviews to comparing candidates. Sprockets automates these tasks so a recruiters expertise is spent on interviewing the right candidates – and the rest of their task list.

Sprockets customers can now sort candidates into hiring stages, record interview notes with ease, store resumes, and email candidates via pre-populated or custom templates. When coupled with assessments, recruiters and hiring managers have a clear view into which candidates are the best match for the job and where they reside in the hiring process.

AJ Richichi, CEO of Sprockets, laments, “Hiring is a full time job. Our customers can’t afford waste their thought power on tasks we can automate for them. Freed from these tasks, recruiters and hiring managers can spend more time utilizing their expertise. This includes reviewing the best resumes and interviewing the right candidates.”

The new features in the release of Sprockets ATS include:

Candidate Profiles – Know Who’s the Best Applicant

Sprockets ATS leverages the power of hiring assessments to evaluate each applicant, before you ever review their resume. Instead of scanning through hundreds of resumes, you’ll see which candidates are the best fit for the position. Focusing on the candidates with the highest likelihood to succeed reduces the number of screening interviews required to make a great hire.

Applicant Tracking – Eliminate Redundant Tasks

While Sprockets can’t save you from reviewing every resume that comes across your desk, the platform can automate the communication to applicants you want to interview. As applicants progress through the hiring process, you can select from stage specific email templates to reject applicants, schedule interviews, and ultimately hire your next top performer.

Hiring Stages, Resumes, and Notes – Ditch the Manilla Folder and Spreadsheet

Sprockets’ applicant tracking system keeps you on track. With Sprockets Applicant Tracking, you can track which stage of the hiring process each applicant currently resides. Plus, you can store resumes within their candidate profile and put in notes. No longer will you depend on the organized chaos of Excel or simply losing a folder of resumes.

Sprockets ATS Integrations – Connect All Your HR Tools

Sourcing applicants on a job board? Already using an Applicant Tracking System? Sprockets Boost allows you to connect applicants from any web-based tool to the Sprockets platform. This means you can invite candidates to complete an assessment survey and review their results without jumping from tool-to-tool.

This new functionality is available immediately to all HR professionals and hiring managers using the Sprockets Assessment Platform. It is the second major release since Sprockets first launched three months ago.

“The release of Sprockets Applicant Tracking furthers our mission to make world-class human resource technology available to companies of all sizes,” said AJ Richichi. “I’m truly excited about how Sprockets Applicant Tracking will make the hiring process more efficient for our customers!”

About Sprockets

At Sprockets, we help organizations recruit great people. We do this by determining the mental makeup of the highest performing people and comparing all applicants against them. We combine 80 years of scientific research with cutting edge artificial intelligence to provide assessments that predict performance and success. With Applicant Matching, Applicant Tracking, and Sprockets Boost, the result is better hires, a more engaged workforce, and less turnover.

Meet the Sprockets CEO

Meet the Sprockets CEO Sprockets

Jump in and get to know Sprockets’ Founder and CEO, AJ Richichi, and how he got started in HR Tech.

AJ Richichi, the CEO of SprocketsWhat tabs are open on your computer right now?

Gmail, Twitter, Stack Overflow, ESPN, and GDrive.

What was your first job?

I grew up in a really small town in Upstate NY. When I was in 6th grade, I annoyed my much cooler older brother until he agreed to let me be his “music manager” (whatever that meant). We released a three-song CD called “Summer Crush” and donated all proceeds to cancer research. He later attended Berkeley and is now a professional musician. It’s amazing that he made it despite my influence!

Why HR tech? Why not another discipline?

Great question. It’s really simple: I love business, I love people, and I love tech. Sprockets has given me an opportunity to build technology that helps businesses find awesome people. I’ve spent the last three years learning about the challenges of HR executives learning about benefits, compliance, recruiting, onboarding, culture, safety, compliance, interviewing, and so much more. When do y’all sleep?! I have tremendous respect for people in HR. They are tasked with the company’s most important responsibilities with very little tech or tools. My hope is that Sprockets can take the weight off their shoulders and enable them to make awesome personnel decisions.

What’s your favorite event in Charleston?

That’s easy… Charleston Fashion Week. It’s so far out of my comfort zone, but the entrepreneur in me loves watching the designers, bloggers, and models fulfilling their dreams on their biggest stage. If you go, find the mastermind behind JoJo Rings. Her name is Jordan Richichi. I’ll be somewhere in the corner holding her stuff!

What is your advice to those who want to start a business?

Use your chips wisely. Social capital is very valuable for any technology start-up, but it is also very limited. When we first landed in Charleston, and then expanded to Greenville, we placed an emphasis on “observation” before “saturation”. For nearly a year we attended events without name tags, built strong relationships exclusively with customers that we hand-selected, and actively rejected any and all media (social, blog, PR). This gave us additional time to develop our technology, pick the right markets and customers, grow our team, gain mentors, and learn more about the competition. Far too often startups burn capital, both monetary and social, by prematurely sponsoring events, throwing parties, and jumping into markets they don’t fully understand. I’ve made this mistake on previous projects.

What’s your favorite event in Greenville?

I have a real emotional connection with DisruptHR Greenville. When I first came to South Carolina, I wanted desperately to have a positive impact on the community. It’s one thing to start a business– it’s an entirely different animal to host a global conference. With a lot of Redbull and amazing support from mentors, sponsors, speakers, and community leaders, we were able to pull off two successful events in twelve months. My experience with DisruptHR speaks to Greenville’s collaborative culture. Here I was, a 23-year-old Yankee, given an opportunity to try something new. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible!

What are you doing when you’re not working?

I love watching sports, whether I’m checking out a five-star recruit at a Fort Dorchester football game, heading up to Greenville to watch my nephew in little league soccer, or chanting to Sandstorm at William’s Brice. My wife and I hope to see a new SEC stadium every year. This season we’re heading to the Swamp!

Do you want to give any shoutouts?

Yes! Everyone go to and become a digital ambassador! They are a people-powered movement bringing together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders to share all the amazing things happening in Charleston.

Sprockets helps companies hire more top-performing people. Our assessment discovers the shared characteristics of your best people and uses that information to predict a new hire’s likelihood to succeed in a position before they’re hired.

Start predicting employee success with a free account today! No credit card required.

Charleston Based Company Launches Sprockets Boost

Charleston Based Company Launches Sprockets Boost 150 150 Sprockets

Sprockets, the leading Hiring Assessment Platform powered by IBMs Watson AI, grew its capabilities, adding the Sprockets Boost app to the Chrome Web Store. With in-demand features that make assessing and hiring new employees easier, Sprockets Boost is the first app to connect all web-based HR and recruiting tools into an assessment platform.

Sprockets Boost is designed with both HR professionals and hiring managers in mind, further streamlining the hiring and assessment process. Throughout the hiring process, managers are forced to bounce from tool to tool in order to make a hire. Boost removes these steps by connecting a company’s HR tech stack to the Sprockets platform.

Customers will no longer need to have the Sprockets platform open to get access to their reports. Simply download Sprockets Boost, go to any webpage on the internet, and send out the Sprockets survey or review current candidates with two simple clicks.

“The current job market is tight and recruiting top talent continues to be a challenge,” said CEO AJ Richichi. “Our customers can’t afford to waste time jumping from one recruiting tool to the next, so we have done our part to eliminate that headache through the development of Sprockets Boost. As long as you’re in a web-based tool, you can send candidates assessments and review their scores without ever leaving the page. This gives our customers the flexibility to choose what HR tool works best for their business, without sacrificing the insights generated by Sprockets Assessments.”

The new features in this release of Sprockets Boost include:

  • Boost Your Application Tracking System – Invite individual candidates from inside your web-based ATS to the Sprockets survey instantly.

  • Boost Your Job Boards – Invite and analyze multiple candidates from job boards and spreadsheets with a single click.

  • Boost Your Insights – Quickly review candidate scores without leaving your webpage.

  • Boost Your Hiring Process – Efficiently integrate Sprockets into your hiring process to have better insight into your candidate pool.

The new app is available immediately to all HR professionals and hiring managers using the Sprockets Assessment Platform, and is the first major release since Sprockets first launched three months ago.

Sprockets Boost is compatible with any web-based platform:

Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Including Taleo, Greenhouse, JazzHR, iCims, Workable, Workday, Newton, Ultimate Software, Bullhorn, Jobvite, and SAP.

Email Services

  • Including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

Job Boards and Recruiting Software

  • Including Careerbuilder, Linkedin, Indeed, Monster, and Craigslist.

Candidate Lists

  • Lists compiled on tool like Google Sheets, Google Docs, and other web based platforms.

Social Networks

  • Including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram.

Onboarding and Post-Hire Tools

  • Including ADP, Paychex, Paylocity, and Cornerstone on Demand.

“The release of of Sprockets Boost furthers our mission to make world-class human resource technology available to companies of all sizes,” said AJ Richichi. “I’m truly excited about how Sprockets Boost will help make the hiring process more efficient for our customers. Stay tuned to see what we have coming later this quarter!”

About Sprockets

At Sprockets, we help organizations recruit great people by determining the mental makeup of the highest performing people, discovering what they have in common, and using that as a benchmark for all future prospecting. We combine 80 years of scientific research with cutting edge artificial intelligence to provide assessments that predict performance and success.