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Executive Recruiting Customer Testimonial: DHG Search

Executive Recruiting Customer Testimonial: DHG Search Sprockets

As the President of DHG Search, we help clients recruit top talent in the Executive, Accounting/Finance, and IT space across a range of industries that include manufacturing, dealership, construction, real estate, and healthcare markets. We work with a broad range of clients spanning from small to fortune 500 companies. We have a large client base in the Southeast but have served clients in over 20 states. My 20+ years in business and 15+ in the executive recruiting space has provided with a career filled with learning.

I first met the Sprockets team after being introduced by our trusted partners at ADP. I instantly saw the technology as a way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. I imagined using Sprockets for our clients we could run external Sprockets analyses to make better placements. The idea of matching talent that we source to our clients cultures is very appealing!

Before using the software with our clients, we engaged with an internal test. After sending out the survey to the team, Sprockets accurately predicted the performance level of 14 out of 15 employeeswithout any resumes, performance reports, or meetings. I couldnt believe it! Once I dove into the results, I was amazed by the accuracy of the report, especially the individual personality assessments. The assessment helped us validate an area for an individual that would help us guide a new hire to a higher level of review and performance because of the intel gathered through the score. We also used the assessment to validate a candidate that we ended up hiring as the score helped give us additional data points needed.

I immediately had clients in mind that will benefit from the Sprockets technology paired with our Executive Recruiting tactics. The team at DHG Search looks forward to staying in touch with Sprockets and building a long term relationship!

Brad Ledford

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