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PEO Customer Testimonial: Propel HR

PEO Customer Testimonial: Propel HR 150 150 Sprockets

As President of Propel HR, an HR outsourcing and PEO company based in South Carolina, I am surrounded by small businesses and human resource professionals every day. I understand their pain points and work relentlessly to assist them with technology, advice, and other HR services. One of the greatest problems that companies face today is hiring the right people. Sprockets first approached me via a mutual connection. As they first presented the technology, I was curious to see if it would work. How could they build a personality profile based on 100 words?! So, I had them run a full analysis on my 29 operations employees as a test. … and Sprockets passed with flying colors.

I remember saying out loud while reading the report, “this is very much the culture around here”. Sprockets was able to measure our core values, needs, and collective traits. I beamed at the results and said “spot on” five or six times during review. The technology accurately measured the performance level of 29 out of 29 (100%) of my employees… all from a nine question online survey!

I immediately integrated Sprockets into our internal hiring process. We now use it as a screening tool to find candidates with the “right stuff” to be successful at our PEO, Propel HR. I have been impressed with the Sprockets technology and look forward to using it for years to come.

Lee Yarborough


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