The Franchisees’ Guide to Attracting Hourly Workers

The pandemic has changed the way hourly workers select opportunities, so you must transform your recruiting process to stay competitive and onboard the best workers. Let us do the heavy-lifting; access this free guide to build better teams and stabilize staffing levels.

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How to Attract the Best Hourly Workers for Your Business

Craft Effective Job Postings

Learn how to stand out from the crowd with catchy job descriptions, so you don’t have to settle. The power to select top-performing applicants is more than possible — it’s a guarantee.

Reach Applicants First

With over 9 million current job openings, it’s easy for ideal candidates to get lost in the sauce. Learn how to reduce applicant response time so that high-quality workers won’t slip through the cracks again!

Identify Ideal Applicants

Building an all-star team starts with identifying the perfect match! Find out how to acquire the best talent to save money and dedicate more time to the things that truly matter.

The Franchisees’ Guide to Employee Turnover

Dealing with employee turnover is expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. It’s time to end this costly cycle so you can maintain healthy staffing levels and focus on important daily operations.

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What You Will Learn…

The True Cost of Turnover

Learn how to calculate the financial impact that employee turnover has on your business. You’ll also discover the “hidden” effects that it has on team morale, workplace culture, and the customer experience.

Common Causes of Turnover

Find out about the most common factors that contribute to employee turnover. Get in the mind of your employees to uncover warning signs before turnover occurs.

How to Reduce Turnover

Discover proven strategies for reducing employee turnover so that you can focus on daily operations, improve ROI, and stay competitive in the food service industry.

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