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FAQs on Conducting Group Interviews

Group Interview Basics

Group interviews are a great way to streamline hiring processes while effectively analyzing candidates. Although not as common as one-on-one or panel interviews, they do have a place in the hiring process. Get to know the basics to determine if they are a good fit for your business.


What is a Group Interview?

Group interviews can often be confused with panel interviews. A group interview is when there are multiple applicants interviewing at the same time with personnel from the business that is hiring. In opposition, a panel interview is when there is one applicant being interviewed by multiple people from the business that is hiring.

When Should You Choose Group Interviews?

Interviewing in a group setting can be intimidating to candidates and they are not always the best choice for businesses seeking to hire great candidates. They should be chosen when time is of the essence, when you are seeking to hire multiple people for the same position, or when you have very similar applicants. 

When you have a group of similar applicants, such as entry-level or those with no prior experience, it can be beneficial to conduct group interviews. This type of interview is advantageous in this scenario because you can easily compare how each candidate does in each workplace scenario in real time. 


Who Should be Included in Group Interviews?

Those who conduct group interviews are typically the position manager and a member of HR. However, it can also be beneficial to include an employee who is currently in the position that is posted. The employee(s) currently in the position can speak to the candidates regarding their favorite part of the job, what a typical day is like, and can be the benchmark during scenario questions.

It’s important to note that once you’ve determined who should be included in the interview to prepare them. Discuss what the interview structure will entail, what parts they may be responsible for conducting, and detail the objectives of the interviews. 


What Questions Should Be Asked?

Questions asked should be personalized enough that one candidate’s response cannot influence another’s. One common questions include, “Tell me about an experience that lends itself to this position’s responsibilities”. Another question may be, “What’s a recent project that you’re proud of?”.

How Many Candidates Is Too Many for a Group Interview?

While group interviews are a great way to assess many applicants at once, you should set a limit. We recommend not having more than 10 candidates in one interview. This allows those involved to accurately assess and spend enough time with each applicant while maximizing time.

Overall, group interviews are a great strategy for businesses who do a  high volume of hiring for entry-level employees. This type of interview strategy allows business managers to effectively evaluate each candidate while minimizing the overall time spent on hiring. In addition, they allow a business to hire multiple people at once, further streamlining the hiring, onboarding, and training processes. 

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