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Hard Skills Tests that Complement Sprockets

We believe that our predictive hiring assessments are the solution for any business. Our Applicant Matching System can predict which applicants will thrive within your company based on their mental makeup. This is because often, hard skills can be taught, while soft skills cannot.

However, we recognize that some positions do require a foundation of skills. For those positions, we recommend a hard skills assessment as a complement to our Applicant Matching System. After all, they may be a great engineer like Steve Jobs, but if they don’t fit into your culture, they won’t stay.

Here are a few highly raved about hard skills assessments.

Custom Hard Skills Test


Skillmeter lets managers build their own tests in their chosen format. They also offer pre-defined tests for common skills, such as coding languages and Microsoft Office skills.


ClassMarker can be used for assessing a candidate’s knowledge through  quiz questions. Questions are created by the hiring manager as well as the answers to be matched against.

Testing with Real Examples


Lytmus tests are unique in that they are done in a real platform. Each candidate gets an Ubuntu workspace with tasks chosen by the hiring manager to complete and are then analyzed.

Variety of Skills Testing

Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha offers a variety of skills tests that are pre-made. From IT skills, to coding languages, and even cognitive tests.


Hundred5 offers access to pre-made screening tests for a variety of skillsets and checks their answers. In addition, they also offer candidate sourcing campaigns, unlike competitors.

Assessments for Programmers and Developers


Codility is a platform to assess candidates’ skills by testing their coding skills online and provides automatically scored reports about their abilities.


HackerRank is a skills tool to standardize technical recruiting for developer positions. Additionally, the platform also produces a report on their score and match rating.


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