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A woman being filmed to create a video for recruiting applicants

How to Create a Video for Recruiting Applicants

Using video for recruiting applicants is an effective way to increase your applicant flow. However, in order for using video in recruiting, the contents of the video must be compelling and authentic. Use the tips below to create your recruiting video. Note that you may benefit from creating a generic company video and segmented videos for roles which you often hire.

#1 Be Authentic

Show off your real employees, not actors. You will be able to more accurately portray what people are like who work at your company and their real stories about why they like working for you. The video may also consist of an office/location tour.

#2 Have Good Video & Audio Quality

While you may not be an expert at video creation, what matters most is that people are able to clearly see and hear your message. You will want to record the video in a controlled environment when employees are speaking so that they are easy to understand. If you want to do a tour of the business, use that footage as background footage to an overview of the company narrative.

Tip #3 Be Concise

There’s no point in creating a beautiful masterpiece of a video if no one will watch it. Studies show that applicants don’t watch more than 1 ½ minutes in a marketing type video. Be sure to keep your video for recruiting applicants between 1-3 minutes to ensure your message effectively gets across while continuing to be watched.

Tip #4 Show Off Company Benefits

Does the company offer education assistance? How about 401k matching? Be sure to emphasize these benefits in your recruitment video. Not only are you trying to attract applicants, but you need them to be truly interested in the job.

Tip #5 Include a Call to Action

Your video should include a clear call to action that mimics the purpose of the video. A popular call to action for a recruiting video may be “Apply Now!”. This should be followed by where and how to apply. Whether they should apply directly on your website, emailing their resume to a recruiter, or text-to-apply, be clear.

When it comes to creating your video, you don’t need to be an expert in order to create effective materials. In fact, there are a few free and easy editing programs available to beginners. Check out a few good options below.

Free and Easy Video Editing Programs

For Mac users: iMovie
For Windows users: VSDC


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