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How You Can Prepare Now for Hiring Seasonal Staff in 2020

How You Can Prepare Now for Hiring Seasonal Staff in 2020 1024 512 Sprockets

Thousands of seasonal staff members are hired each year during the holidays. These seasonal employees may be at a business for just two weeks or up to two months. No matter the length of employment, some of these employees will be identified as great workers. In order to keep having great seasonal workers, take time at the end of this holiday season to prepare. Let’s review what you can do now to prepare your business for 2020 holiday hiring.


1. Identify Which Workers You Want to Return

As you monitor your seasonal staff members throughout the holidays, take notes. Are they consistently punctual? Do they help customers with a positive attitude? Have you received any complaints about them? When thinking of which seasonal employees you’d like to return, remember that you should make it known before they leave! 


2. Make a List of Who’s Interested in Returning

Once you’ve identified which seasonal employees you’d like to return for seasonal employment, reach out to them. It’s important to interact with the seasonal employees you would like to return next year. Let them know that you appreciate their good work this year and would like to know if they have an interest in returning. If they say yes, keep a list of their contact information so you can easily alert them of the job opening when it becomes available. 

When you identify seasonal employees that you’d like to have return, consider who you would bring on in a more permanent manner. If you had a rockstar seasonal employee, ask if they’d be interested in a part or full-time position if one becomes available. By staying in touch with your seasonal employees it helps fill your talent pool when other open positions arise.


3. Conduct Exit Interviews

At the end of the holiday season, be sure to conduct exit interviews (or online surveys) with all seasonal employees. This exit interview should help you understand how to attract and retain other employees in the future. The following questions are a good benchmark of where to start. 

  • How did you hear about this job opening?
  • Why were you interested in this job?
  • What was your favorite part of the job?
  • Was there anything you wish you could change about the position you were in?
  • Any feedback you have for management?
  • Are you interested in returning next year?

The answers to these questions should give you the information you need to make informed hiring decisions. If the majority of people heard about the job opening through a social media post, try sponsoring posts next year to reach more people. When candidates tell you what they liked most about the job, be sure to emphasize and include that information in the job description! It’s important to keep in mind that getting information is only helpful if you decide to take action based on it.

Before the end of the 2019 holiday season, you can set your business up for success in 2020 with these suggestions. If you’re ready to drastically improve your hiring process in 2020, learn how Sprockets’ hiring solution can help you hire better matches and reduce employee turnover. Contact us to learn more.


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