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Monthly Jobs Report

It’s hard enough to keep up with the day-to-day operations at your business. We wanted to make it easy to catch up with all the latest workforce trends. So, here is a monthly hiring report to find out everything you need to know at a glance.

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The unemployment rate inched down to 3.5% in July from 3.6% in June

Retention Boost: 63% TO 95%

Employment and Labor Force Participation:

  1. The unemployment rate was 3.5% in June.
  2. Labor force participation rate remained at 62.6% for the fourth month in a row.
  3. Job gains occurred in health care, social assistance, financial activities, and wholesale trade.

$134,500 of Savings

New Hires and Wage Increases:

  1. 201,000 new workers were hired in June.
  2. 232,000 of those hires were in the leisure and hospitality industries.
  3. These industries also saw the biggest increase in year-over-year median pay of 7.9% .

77 fewer Hires Needed

Hourly Job Openings:

  1. Hourly job openings are up 57% from pre-pandemic numbers in February 2020.
  2. Job openings in food industries are still down 12% compared to pre-pandemic norms.
  3. Retail job postings are down 40% compared to pre-pandemic norms.

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