Boost McHire With the Precision of Sprockets

Take your hiring process to the next level by combining McHire with Sprockets! Our AI-powered software integrates with Olivia to determine an applicant’s likelihood of success with pinpoint precision. You’ll know everything you need to know about candidates before you even interview them, and you’ll know which ones are worth scheduling in the first place. BG Image and Computer Image FPO

McHire and Sprockets

Why Add Sprockets

to McHire

Sprockets + McHire

While McHire speeds up the application process, Sprockets makes it more precise. Our AI instantly predicts which applicants will succeed and stay long-term. You’ll see a significant increase in employee retention, which is essential in controlling the cost of employee turnover.

Sprockets Is Proven to Work

Sprockets has helped numerous QSR franchisees hire the ideal applicants, and we look forward to helping you do the same. Here are the results you can expect:


43% improvement
in 90-day retention


37% less time spent on
sourcing, screening, and hiring


20% reduction
in annual turnover

Simple, Seamless Integration

The Sprockets survey integrates directly with McHire, so there’s no need to log in to two different tools. We simply add a few questions for Olivia to ask applicants, and Sprockets turns their answers into “fit scores” for specific roles and locations.


Hear From Other McDonald’s Owners

“The experience that we’ve had so far, as an organization, with [Sprockets] has been very positive. We found it to be a very very big help in weeding out the people that we probably wouldn’t have even wanted to waste our time interviewing, to begin with. You know, it’s been great. For the people who score really well, we’ve had really very very few problems. They’ve all worked out very well.”

Chris Wieszczynski, Area Supervisor McDonald’s Franchisee

Add the Pinpoint Precision of Sprockets to Your McHire Platform