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Quick Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Quick Ways to Increase Employee Engagement 1464 968 Sprockets

Employee engagement has a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. From employee retention to increased productivity, taking the time to increase engagement is worth it.

Steps to Implement

1. Walk the walk and talk the talk

Leadership needs to lead by example. According to an article by, companies where leaders model the desired behaviors employees are 55 percent more engaged. Additionally, 53 percent more focused and more likely to stay at the company.

2. Be transparent

Leadership transparency has a direct correlation with employee engagement and happiness. Sharing sensitive information with employees gives them a sense of deeper investment in the company. This can help create a more cooperative team atmosphere, as opposed to an “us versus management” office feel. Make it theirs, share, and let them in on goals and wins and watch them take the reins.

3. Give your employees freedom

Allow employees to adjust their work schedules to what works for them. Or, consider allowing them to work from outside the office. Trust your employees to get work done. Whether they work from home or even if they set their own hours, freedom and trust are important. Workers with flexible hours and locations are statistically proven to be more productive and happier, thus engaged.

Bonus! Get to know each other outside of the office. Open up to your employees, have fun together, be authentic.

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