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Relatable GIFs for HR Professionals

Relatable GIFs for HR Professionals 150 150 Sprockets
It’s widely known that being a human resources professional, talent manager, or recruiter comes with a lot of highs and lows. From no-shows at interviews to connecting with a candidate to helping a colleague through a tough time, you deal with it all. We won’t claim to know everything you go through, but being in the HR space, we have a good idea…
Here are the best #relatable GIFS we found for HR professionals.
When you just have to shake your head at what people think is okay at work…
A gif from The Office 
When you schedule an interview and the person is a no-show.
Kanye West shaking his head 
When you *finally* find the perfect candidate for a specialized position.
A gif from Grey's Anatomy 
When you get over 200 resumes for one position.
A gif from Friends
When there’s an open bar at the company holiday party.
A gif from New Girl 
When you’re waiting for a candidate to sign the offer letter.
A gift from New Girl 
When it’s time for open enrollment.
A gif from New Girls 
When two employees just won’t get along.
A gift from Fuller House

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