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Frictionless Hiring

JoJo empowers hiring managers with instant notifications about ideal candidates, enabling immediate scheduling of interviews and extension of job offers. This innovation significantly reduces time-to-hire to mere minutes

JoJo oversees the entire hiring process from beginning to end. By assessing and scoring each applicant, it ensures that your engagement is only required when a top candidate is identified.

JoJo simplifies building genuine relationships with new and returning candidates, ensuring you're matched with the ideal fit. It keeps you in command of your data while flawlessly aligning candidates with their most suitable positions, streamlining your hiring strategy.

Streamline Your Hiring with JoJo's Sourcing
  • Engages Past Applicants/ Pools: JoJo reaches out to past applicants automatically.
  • Effortless Application via QR Codes: Instantly turns walk-ins into candidates.
  • Maximized Reach with Sprockets Job Boards : Places jobs on platforms like ZipRecruiter and Adzuna.
  • Real-Time Engagement through Your ATS: JoJo texts applicants upon application, ensuring quick, personalized responses.
Simplify Your Hiring Process with JoJo's Screening
  • Basic Info Collection: JoJo gathers essential hiring information from applicants.
  • Matching Technology: Sprockets assesses cultural fit using personality markers.
  • Legal Compliance Check: Ensures applicants meet all legal hiring requirements.
  • Availability Verification: Confirms if applicants can work the required shifts.
Synchronize Your Interview with JoJo's Scheduling
  • Interview Scheduling: Applicants passing the screen can directly schedule interviews.
  • Flexible Rescheduling: Applicants can text JoJo to reschedule interviews easily.
  • Appointment Reminders: Sends reminders to ensure applicants and GMs remember interviews.
  • GM Notifications: Alerts GMs of scheduled applicant interviews.

Not All AI Hiring Applications are
Created Equal...

Traditional Hiring

generic chatbot conversation

Lacks the ability to authentically engage with applicants, creating a barrier to true connection.

Fails to leverage past applicant data for future opportunities, missing out on potential matches.

Traditional hiring prioritizes quantity over quality, lacking the ability to identify candidates less likely to turnover; this correlates with the industry average of 144%.


JoJo crafts personalized conversations, adapting to applicants while seamlessly fitting your brand's tone, boosting conversion instantly.

JoJo crafts personalized conversations, adapting to applicants while seamlessly fitting your brand's tone, boosting conversion instantly.

JoJo uses AI to scientifically filter applicants, with proven results including a 43% reduction in employee turnover.

80% of Job Applications are MISSED by Hiring Managers
0% of Job Applications are MISSED by JoJo

Match and Hire in an Instant JoJo Delivers

Real Time Results Not Just Real Time Alerts

Experience the JoJo Difference:

Secure top-tier talent with Sprockets' 'Excellent' and 'Good' candidate matches, streamlining your hiring to save time and slash turnover costs.

sprocekts scoring

We Have Results to Prove It


JoJo: Your Hiring Assistant for Every Task

A prombt for every hiring task. JoJo is available 24/7 - 365 days per year. All you have to do is just ask. "Hey JoJo...."

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Sprockets works alongside your current system to help you source, screen, and select the best applicants for open positions. It’s the solution to hiring hourly employees you’ll wish you discovered sooner.