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Stop Doing These Actions to Get Better Candidates

A company is only as good as the employees in that company. However, every business owner will go through a struggle to find great candidates to hire. It can take a long time to discover our mistakes, so learn some of the common hiring mistakes before you make them to save yourself the headache. 


Failing to check previous employers and references

The truth is that people can say whatever they want to during their interview. You can ask them what their previous employer would say about them, but why ask them when you can ask their previous employer? Take the time to call their last boss and ask them about their performance and their attendance. You may discover that a seemingly great candidate does not have the dedication to their job that they claim to have. This can help you from hiring someone who won’t be at their new job either. Make sure to call references, too! References should only be work related associates- not friends. 


Looking in the same places over and over again

Imagine that you’re single and looking for the love of your life. To find your future mate, you decide to download one dating app. You meet people on the app, but every date is horrible. It might be time to try another way of meeting people or at least try a different app, right? This same principle can be applied to hiring top talent. If you usually post job openings on one site, it might be time to try another site or even find another way to reach out to people. There are a number of ways to find employees, so use them! 


Not vetting the candidates before meeting them

It’s important to talk to potential employees before inviting them in to get a sense of how they will fit into the company. It’s important to go through the schedule and pay as well as the daily responsibilities. If the candidate can’t accommodate the schedule or needs to be paid more, you can end the conversation right there on the phone before you waste your time with an in-person interview. In-person interviews should only take place with people who are able to fill the role you need. 


Hiring someone simply because you like them

You and the other people in your company will have to work with the person you hire every day for the foreseeable future. It’s important to like their personality. However, you can’t hire someone based on their personality alone. A winning personality is a huge plus, but the candidate must also have the experience necessary to preform their job well. Remember to keep your personal feelings about the potential employee apart from their qualifications.


Not firing people who aren’t working

Sometimes you might make a bad decision when it comes to who you hire. It can be difficult to admit this. However, when you do make this mistake it’s important to admit it and cut ties with the employee before it becomes a bigger problem. This is not to say that people shouldn’t have a grace period when they start a new job. It can take time to learn things. However, you should have clear metrics at where a person should be after a month, two months, and three months. Most top performers will be able to hit these metrics quickly. If the employee doesn’t meet the metrics over and over again, it might be best to let them take their talents somewhere else. 


Avoid nepotism

When you have an opening in your company, friends and relatives might start to approach you for a job. In many cases, the person looking for a job doesn’t have a job for a reason. It’s important to explain to your loved ones that you cannot hire someone simply because they want you to do them a favor. If someone you know does apply for the position, it’s important to treat them the same as any other candidate. If someone else with their qualifications would not pass the hiring process, your friend should be turned down, too. In many cases, you can even get in trouble for hiring someone you know. Be careful. 


Not asking for a second opinion  

Perspective is an amazing thing. Two people can look at the same painting for ten minutes and see two completely different things. The same can happen when you look at a potential employee. Get a second opinion to ensure that you aren’t missing something when you look at the person. It’s a good idea to require a second approval before offering someone a position. If one of the two people in the interview isn’t crazy about the candidate, you should go with someone else. 


Not selling the company

Imagine finding the perfect candidate. They have plenty of experience, that have a proven track record of success and responsibility, and they fit in great with the other people on the team. Now imagine that this person went with another offer. It’s a shame, but it does happen. When you do find a good candidate, it’s important to sell the company as they are selling themselves in the interview. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect employee because you didn’t tell them about the amazing benefit package that comes with the job. 


Over selling the company

While you want to sell the company, it’s important not to oversell the position. Be clear about pay and responsibilities. If you aren’t upfront, you may hire someone on who then decides to leave after they find the truth. This is a waste of time and money. Be clear in the beginning about something that might cause people to seek employment elsewhere so you don’t waste the resources getting them trained.  

If you want to succeed, you need people who want to succeed with you. Look for the people who share your passion and also have the qualifications necessary to be successful in the position. To find that person, avoid making these common hiring mistakes. Plus, learn how Sprockets can help you determine which of your applicants is the best fit for your company.


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