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4 Easy Ways to Improve your QSR’s Drive-Thru Experience for Customers

If you look at your QSR, the drive-thru can be easy to miss. It’s often not made the focal point of a location – but maybe it should be. A study shows that up to 70% of QSR sales are from the drive-thru. With a majority of business going through a drive-thru, it’s important to put special training in place for your drive-thru staff to master this aspect of the business. Read on to learn four easy ways to improve your QSR’s drive-through experience for customers.  


Customer Service

Training for the front of house employees usually includes ensuring they always portray a friendly face and have a positive tone in their voices. But, is the same reminded to those who work at the drive-thru? While drive-thru staff may not always be face-to-face, maintaining the same level of customer service and positivity will keep customers coming back.

Another impactful strategy is to greet customers at the order box before they do. Don’t wait for them to say “Hello?” instead, greet them with a friendly “Welcome to XYZ, may I take your order?” This shows the same level of customer service that would be given inside of your establishment.


Accuracy of Orders

The one thing all customers hate is driving off and realizing something is missing. Managers may get calls afterward with complaints – or customers will take to social media to complain. Taking the extra few seconds for drive-thru staff to repeat an order back to a customer before sending them off will keep customers happy and keep your online reviews competitive.


Time to Deliver

While the other two tips focus on spending more time focusing on the customer, cutting downtime to deliver can also be done in tandem. One strategy that major franchises practice is having drive-thru staff outside in the line of cars to take orders. When an employee notices that the drive-thru line is backing up, they have two choices. One is to rush through orders, comprising accuracy and customer service. The other option (which we recommend) is to take one cash register employee and have them take orders outside. This helps speed up the line and keeps customers happy.



One easy way to get more orders through your drive-thru is to clearly advertise the same specials you have going on inside. Have a holiday shake? Special promotion? Make sure these are clearly labeled at the ordering window and/or announced to customers as they make their decision.

Overall, taking the time to reflect and evaluate your current drive-thru practices is important for growing business. Plus, learn how Sprockets’ Applicant Matching System helps you hire exceptional employees for your business.

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