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A smiling businesswoman, spreading positivity in the workplace

The Power of Positivity in the Workplace

A positive outlook has a major impact in the workplace. From hiring to retaining employees, a positive attitude by management can make all the difference. In fact, Glassdoor reported that 35% of employers who hire new employees do so expecting that more will quit within the year. If employee retention is an issue at your business, don’t forget to start at the beginning because positivity in the workplace can make all the difference. 

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In order to retain employees, you can be a skeptical optimist. By wanting to believe that your new hires will stick around, you’re more likely to put in the extra effort to keep them around. This turns into a ripple effect. When you treat employees with a positive attitude and gratitude, they will have a positive feeling towards the business. Employees who feel a deeper connection to a business are more likely to stay longer. 

In addition, a positive workplace has effects beyond employee retention. Employees with a positive attitude are found to have the characteristics outlined below.

  • Positive employees are more productive, proven by this study.
  • Employees who are known for a positive attitude are typically more engaged.
  • Those who have a positive outlook are good role models for other employees.
  • People with positive attitudes get sick less often.

How to Spread Positivity in the Workplace

  • Be respectful

No matter the position of the employee, be respectful! If they’re having a stressful day, don’t just brush it off. Lend an ear and proactively work towards a solution together. This will aid in employee retention.

  • Attitude of gratitude

Always show gratitude for your employees! Whether it’s a thank you note around the holidays or special recognition for a job well done, don’t take your employees for granted. When people feel appreciated, they are more likely to be happy in their position and with the organization.

  • Be receptive to feedback

It’s one thing to ask for feedback and another to be receptive. When you show employees that you appreciate their feedback and take action on it, you convey that you care.

Overall, if you begin your hiring process with a positive outlook, the ripple effect will have a great effect on your business. From productive employees to increased employee retention, do your best to see the best in your workforce and support them.



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