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Pre-Employment Assessment Test to Determine an In-Home Caregiver’s Competence

With a simple pre-employment assessment test, Sprockets helps healthcare organizations find qualified caregivers.

Someone on a laptop screening high quality candidates

What Can Sprockets Do for the In-Home Healthcare Industry?

Find the right caregiver with skills matching patients’ personal needs. Sprockets mental makeup analysis is the most important of all as a deeper dive into how the caretaker handles stressful situations.

  • Find caregivers who have the perfect aptitude to take on medical challenges.

  • We’ll find caregivers who have the patience, empathy, attention to detail, and kindness needed to care for elders.

  • Give each caregiver applicant a mental makeup analysis to ensure they’ll be the perfect fit with a family.

How an Assessment Test for Caregivers Saves You Time

Take back control of your time and focus on the more important tasks.

  • Reduce turnover by hiring caregivers that fit right in.

  • Find the ideal caregiver faster, without reviewing thousands of reviews.

  • A short, three-question assessment and results backed by data to find the caregivers you’re seeking.

Home health worker with her patient

Reducing the Mismatch Between Patients and Caregivers

Relying on data is more important than ever, especially when it gleans important information about a caregiver’s personality. So much of what makes up a successful caregiver is what their general temperament is like.

  • Reveal desirable personality traits not found in a resume.

  • Get to know the real soul of the caretaker.

  • Learn about caregivers’ communication and listening skill levels.

How Do You Get Started with a
Caregiver Pre-Assessment Test?

To get started using Sprockets’ assessment test, encourage applicants to apply
for an open position and send the test to those that interest you the most.
We then take it from there:

Hiring Productive and Reliable Caregivers

Having a service that uses artificial intelligence to find those perfect candidates is why
Sprockets continues to lead in the in-home health pre-employment assessments.