See How Sprockets Solves Your Staffing Challenges

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Identify the Ideal Applicants

Our Applicant Matching System reveals which potential hires are most likely to succeed using a simple, red-yellow-green scoring system.

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Eliminate Wasted Interview Time

Sprockets enables you to focus on interviewing only high-scoring applicants so you can allocate resources elsewhere.

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Reduce Annual Turnover by 22%

Build stronger teams with workers who will stay long-term, ultimately reducing the time and money you spend on the hiring process.

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Proven to Work

The Sprockets solution is powered by AI and backed up by data from comprehensive case studies. So, you can rest assured that you’re making the right decision by adding it to your hiring process. Just look at the average results our customers see!


Less Time Spent on
the Hiring Process


Improvement in 90-Day
Employee Retention


Reduction in Annual
Employee Turnover