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Stay Organized With Sprockets' Applicant Tracking

Sprockets features Applicant Tracking System tools to help keep your entire hiring process organized and efficient at all stages.


Sprockets enables users to create jobs quickly and post through multiple job boards. If you’re operating multiple locations, our system enables users and hiring managers to stay organized through location-specific job postings.

Sort through your applicants by job or location and prioritize the high scoring applicants for instant outreach. You’ll know exactly who you should be engaging with at all times.

Move applicants through the necessary hiring stages and communicate with them from the platform at any time. Log communications and never miss a step to ensure your process is precise from end to end.

Track the Right Applicants Faster
Sprockets’ Applicant Matching System scores applicants based on shared personality traits with your top performers.
  • Save managers time.
  • Increase employee retention.
  • Save thousands of dollars on turnover costs.
  • Build a more positive work environment.
Sprockets shows you who is eligible for Work Opportunity Tax Credits and provides fit scores for each applicant, empowering you to make better hiring decisions.
  • Send the WOTC questionnaire to applicants and view the value of the tax credits you’d receive for hiring them.
  • Increase employee retention.
  • Increase employee retention.
Background Checks
Check an applicant’s past and predict their future! Sprockets’ hiring platform reveals which candidates are the ideal fit for open positions while offering cheap background checks for businesses.
  • Sprockets users get special preferred pricing on background checks and can save 50% compared to leading providers..
  • Get your reports quickly so you can hire applicants and get back to work.
  • Run Checks Directly From Sprockets, there’s no need to log into two different tools to run checks and view results.
Sprockets’ Applicant Messaging feature allows applicants and managers to communicate with each other via email or text message, all while keeping it within a single thread of messages.
  • Reduce the likelihood of ghosting.
  • Reduce sourcing costs.
  • Increase the conversion rate of applicants to employees.
Reporting and Analytics
Sprockets’ Applicant Dashboard allows you to easily track where applicants came from, what stage of the hiring process they are in, and what their fit score is in one simple place.
  • No more need to pay for an ATS.
  • No more need to have two different platforms.
  • Easily track the source and stage of applicants.
Location Management
Location management The Sprockets Dashboard collects and compiles all of the insights you need across locations and you can easily filter by location and timeline.
  • See which locations need extra support.
  • Identify areas for improvement in your hiring process.
  • Gain insights without having to chase down reports from each location
Job Postings
Simply publish your current job openings from within our platform to reach millions of job seekers. There are no additional fees, so you can allocate funds elsewhere while still attracting top talent for your team.
  • Evaluate recruitment efforts more effectively.
  • Figure out which job boards are best for you.
  • Reduce sourcing spend by cutting out job ads that don’t work.
Talent Community (Pools)
Sprockets revives interest from applicants you’ve already paid for. It uses multi-touch outreach campaigns to build a talent community so you can fill new positions faster — for less money.
  • Consistently Refill your Applicant Pool
  • Slash Sourcing Bills
  • Reduce Time Spent Hiring

Stay Organized With Applicant Tracking System Tools

Today’s Applicant Tracking Systems are basically just fancy replacements for spreadsheets, and traditional assessments are inherently flawed, using generic criteria to evaluate applicants. Plus, they can’t keep up with today’s click-to-apply culture, which means potentially great applicants slip away.


Don’t Just Track Applicants. Match, Hire, and Retain.

Sprockets predicts applicant success by analyzing responses to three pre-interview questions and scoring applicants based on shared personality traits with top performers. It’s 100% EEOC-compliant, bias-free, and proven to work. Our fit scores have a direct correlation with a business’s employee retention rates.

Trusted by Top Brands

"The scoring feature was a game-changer in the hiring process. We no longer deal with unqualified candidates, wasting our time and theirs.”

Tony Figueroa

McDonald’s Franchisee

A simple red-yellow-green scoring system allows you to sort through results and determine what actions to take next based on how well applicants match your unique success profiles.

sprockets green score
yellow score
sprockets red score

Make Smarter Hiring Decisions With Sprockets’ AI Screening Tool

The ATS Trusted by Top Brands

Sprockets works alongside your current system to help you source, screen, and select the best applicants for open positions. It’s the solution to hiring hourly employees you’ll wish you discovered sooner.