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The Hotel Staffing Solution That
Reveals the Best Applicants

The Hotel Staffing Solution That Reveals the Best Applicants

Make hiring less of a nightmare so you can sleep as soundly as your guests! Our hotel staffing solution shows you who will succeed like your current top performers, eliminating the guesswork and ending the costly cycle of employee turnover.

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Simple Scores for Stress-Free Hospitality Staffing

Get more hours back in your day with the fastest, easiest hiring solution for hotels. Our software predicts applicant success with pinpoint precision and assigns each person a score from one to ten. All you have to do is hire the top-scoring candidates and get back to running your business (with better staff members).

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3 Easy Questions

It only takes five minutes to complete our assessments, ensuring a painless process for incoming applicants.

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Instant Predictions

You’ll immediately see red, yellow, or green “fit scores” that indicate their likelihood of success.

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Effortless Hiring

Sprockets eliminates the unnecessary stress from reviewing resumes and wasting time on bad interviews.

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“Everyone that we’ve hired using the Sprockets platform have been stellar additions to our team.”
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How it Works

Sprockets' simple solution helps hoteliers hire the right person every time by instantly revealing which applicants will succeed and stay long-term.

Your current top performers complete a brief, three-question assessment, and our software creates a unique success profile.

Applicants answer the same questions to identify shared personality traits and predict their likelihood of success.

Hire the best employees for your hotel based on their fit scores, then use the time you saved to focus on daily operations!

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Sprockets users save an average of 50% on background checks, compared to the leading providers!

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Start Hiring the Ideal Applicants

It doesn’t have to be so hard to stay fully staffed in the hotel and lodging industry. Discover how easy hiring can be with a free, 15-minute demo of Sprockets. You’ll get a tour of the platform and see how Sprockets can solve all of your staffing challenges. It will be the best 15 minutes you’ve invested into your business!