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Happy employees enjoying the company culture of their QSR company

Why Company Culture Matters in a QSR

Creating a positive culture in the QSR space is important. While it can be easy to focus on fast customer times and a spotless environment, the people who perform these tasks need a positive environment. Cultivating a positive culture that employees want to stay in, and that attracts new employees, takes work. It’s worth it. Here are the reasons why maintaining a positive culture in your QSR is worth the time and money.



Your employees are your assets. They drive the customer experience through greetings, time to deliver an order, and a clean environment. If employees aren’t connected to their company culture, they aren’t as likely to be productive. In fact, 70% of employees are NOT working at maximum productivity. But, when a positive culture is implemented, happy employees are a result. Happy employees are 12% more productive than their counterparts.



If you have a family-type culture in your QSR, that’s great! Unfortunately, many people encounter cliques within their workforce, which can divide employees. When this happens, conflicts tend to arise regarding who takes over more cleaning responsibilities or picking up open shifts. If you establish an open, healthy culture with employee engagement initiatives, you’ll have happier employees.


Customer Satisfaction

Happy employees lead to happy customers. If your employees are working with a frown on their face, it isn’t going to make the customers feel good about their visit. By working to create a positive company culture, your customers will be positively impacted.



Losing good employees has a significant financial impact on a QSR. It costs almost $5,000 on average to replace one hourly employee. Luckily, knowing how culture impacts retention can work to take steps to fix it.


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