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"Why We Built JoJo: It May Not Be What You Think" with a phone showing a text-message conversation

Why We Built JoJo: It May Not Be What You Think

Hiring and retaining hourly workers presents a multifaceted challenge. Today, hiring discrimination, employee turnover costs, and advertising expenditures are skyrocketing, while the margin for error diminishes.

For employers, progress means enhanced profits, reduced hiring headaches, and minimal business disruptions. For hourly workers, it signifies a fair and equitable pathway to upward mobility and life advancement.

Over the last decade, our journey at Sprockets has been deeply entwined with these challenges.

We’ve empowered the world’s most influential brands to recruit, screen, and hire millions of hourly workers. Our conversations with thousands of hiring managers, spanning diverse geographies and economic climates, have provided us with remarkable insights. From the tight labor market of 2019 to the mass exodus of 2022, our partnerships with leading tech providers and thought leaders have been instrumental in shaping our understanding. We’ve collaborated with leading technology partners (job boards, applicant tracking systems, payroll providers, etc.) and even crafted a best-selling publication about these collective experiences in partnership with Forbes Books.

Despite the daunting statistics, our collective experiences have spotlighted the inherent “good” in the hiring space: the HR leaders who extend beyond their roles to unlock opportunities, the companies investing in their workforce’s growth, and the technological advancements fostering fairness and justice in hiring.

As we’ve come to understand, the crux of the issue is scalability. In the realm of hourly employment, sophisticated hiring practices are often absent. This gap, especially evident in SMBs, necessitates a solution that connects the industry’s benevolent efforts with the expansive scale of its challenges. While we can’t always expect general managers of local, family-owned businesses to have the extensive training and education of a SHRM-certified hiring manager, we can provide them with the tools to make efficient and equitable hiring decisions using AI.

Enter JoJo.

The Inception of JoJo

JoJo is our ambitious response to this pressing need. As an AI-powered virtual recruiter, JoJo epitomizes the synergy of best-in-class hiring practices with technological innovation and simplicity. Here’s how JoJo is making a difference:

  • Warm Engagement: From the moment candidates apply, JoJo initiates a warm, welcoming interaction, setting the stage for a positive candidate experience.
  • Equitable Screening: JoJo ensures that hiring motions are equitable and compliant, leveling the playing field for all applicants.
  • Humanizing the Process: Beyond algorithms and data points, JoJo introduces a human touch to digital recruitment, making candidates feel valued and understood.
  • Standardizing Hiring: JoJo brings consistency to hiring practices across locations and roles, ensuring every candidate undergoes the same quality experience.
  • Speaking to the Next Generation: JoJo bridges generations with a design that resonates with the aspirations and communication styles of the emerging workforce.
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"Better Employee Retention, Happier Applicants, Less Manager Burnout"

Beyond the Horizon

JoJo represents a significant leap forward but not the final destination. The journey toward a universally fair and effective hiring process is ongoing. At Sprockets, our commitment to innovation continues to drive us toward creating solutions that benefit all stakeholders in the hiring ecosystem.

As we navigate this path, JoJo stands as a beacon of progress, embodying our vision for a future where every business, regardless of size or sector, has access to exceptional hiring technology.

Embracing the Future

We built JoJo because we believe in a future where technology enhances human capabilities, making the hiring process more inclusive, efficient, and effective. This belief drives our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Join us in this journey, as we work together to reshape the landscape of hourly recruitment, one hire at a time.


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