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How Top Franchises Retain Employees

How Top Franchises Retain Employees 1920 1080 Sprockets

Learning the tips to retain employees at any business is important. Employees who directly interact with customers have a big impact on customer satisfaction, company image, and ultimately the bottom line.

Retaining employees begins with hiring the best people. Sprockets can help with that. The Sprockets Applicant Matching System is a simple way to determine who is the best match for your company.

The next important retention point is on-boarding. Training employees in their role. Then, getting them acclimated to the culture, and creating a sense of community is important for long term success.

Finally, the experiences an employee has during their first few weeks and months at a business impact how dedicated they are and how long they will stay.

Here’s what three popular franchises are doing to retain employees:

Dunkin’ Brands

An interview with Fred Schlecht of Dunkin’ Brands revealed that increased feedback is one of their factors that contribute to positive employee engagement and retention.

“We walked away from an annual process and a numbered rating system, and instead have shifted to a quarterly coaching process…We’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback on this approach…Instead of a traditional performance-management conversation where we may be talking about something that happened many months ago, it’s an opportunity to talk about what you’re working on right now and, more importantly, what you can do differently in the next couple months in order to improve your performance. It’s a much more future-focused, actionable kind of conversation for the employee and the supervisor.”


It’s no secret that Chick-fil-A has a unique culture and strong values that they stick to. But, it may come as a surprise that they expect their employees to closely align. Plus, this contributes to their employee retention.

“Chick-fil-A’s proven talent selection process focuses on three C’s: character, competency, and chemistry. These qualities are harder to gauge than traditional factors. But she claims it is possible if you commit to deeper observation. Turner observes the way candidates treat other employees like receptionists who are not traditionally seen as having any sway in hiring decisions. As Turner notes, an individual with character will treat everyone they come across with respect and kindness, no matter their position.”


Greg Willman, franchisee of Qdoba, writes about their factors in employee retention. This includes taking care of their employees and providing stability.

“We pay them well. We have provided extremely stable employment and growth opportunities for over more than a decade now, which is what we view as our most important function. In addition, we’ve had a general manager profit-sharing program from day one along with generous health insurance and 401(k) plans. We also provide park membership discounts and YMCA membership discounts. Along with holiday parties, an annual offsite planning meeting, and the like. We also ask them to help take care of others through programs such as United Christmas Service and Habitat for Humanity.


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