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5 Effective Ways to Use Video for Recruiting

We know that video captures the attention of target audiences over other forms of communication like text and images. In terms of recruiting, this translates to a 34% increase in application rate for job postings with video. With this kind of impact on drawing in audiences, their effectiveness also translates into attracting applicants to a company. For this reason, more companies should utilize video for recruiting new applicants and engaging their community! Let’s explore a few ways that video can be used for recruiting.


How to Utilize Video for Recruiting

#1 Show Off Company Culture

Using video allows you to showcase your company culture more than you ever could within a few lines of text. You can show what the work space looks like, what the daily activities entail, banter between coworkers, and even the company’s values.


#2 Social Media Outreach

How many followers does your company have on social media? Posting a job opening accompanied by a video showcasing your company is key to attracting applicants! In fact, videos generate 12x more shares than text and images combined. Once you take the time to create a video, be sure to spread it across all of your social channels for your audience to see!


#3 Insert in Job Ads

Whether you post jobs to Indeed, Monster, Snag, or Facebook, inserting a video/video link in your job ad is an effective way to promote your company. Remember, applicants aren’t the only ones who need to be impressive. When many companies are vying for the same applicants, you can make yours stand out with a video showcasing your company! Be sure to show off the fun parts of the business and perks to draw applicants in.


How to Make an Effective Video for Recruiting

In order for your video distribution to be effective, it’s important to make the contents of the video be attention-worthy. Use the guidelines below to create a video for recruiting applicants to your company.


#1 Make it Short and Sweet

While videos can captivate viewers more than text and images, it still needs to remain brief. Studies show that the average applicant spends 1 minute and 36 seconds viewing recruitment videos. Your recruitment video should contain enough information to draw an applicant in while remaining under three minutes.


#2 Keep it Casual

Applicants want to see a real view of the company where they are applying to work. Give them a real view with conversations with current employees, a look at the day to day operations, and a brief overview of why people love to work for you.


#3 Have a Call to Action

What is the purpose of the video? To get people to apply to your open position(s)! Be sure to verbally say/show this statement in the video. You will also want to include where and how to apply; whether that may be on Indeed, your company website, or text-to-apply.

Overall, using video to attract applicants to your company is an effective strategy to build your talent pipeline. Crafting a video that showcases your company and effectively promoting it can drastically increase your number of great applicants.


Check out a few of our favorite recruiting videos.

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