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Reveal the Best Applicants by Adding Sprockets to McHire by Paradox

McDonald’s franchise operators can quickly source, engage, and screen applicants with the Sprockets integration for McHire. It “supercharges” the hiring process to build the best crews for your restaurants without the need to log in to two different tools.

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How Does the Sprockets Integration Improve McHire?

Sprockets’ hiring software integrates directly with Paradox’s McHire platform to predict applicant success, assigning each person a score from one to ten based on shared personality traits with your best crew members. All you have to do is hire the top-scoring candidates and get back to running your restaurants (with the ideal employees).

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3 Quick Questions

It only takes five minutes to complete our assessments, ensuring a painless process for incoming applicants.

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Instant Predictions

Our simple red-yellow-green scoring system makes it easy to see which potential hires will thrive at your restaurants.

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Fast and Easy Hiring

Sprockets eliminates the need for resumes and interviews while instantly alerting hiring managers about top candidates.


Retention Success Story

After implementing Sprockets across their three stores, Lafontant Organization LLC reduced turnover while doubling the size of their crews!


24% Improvement in 90-Day Turnover

Retention has increased while call-offs decreased. 97.5% of employees come to work as scheduled (up from 81% last year).


Improvement in Annual Turnover

The average number of employees who stay at least one year has grown from 11 crew members to 28.


Doubled Crew Size Across Locations

They’ve been able to increase their average crew size from 32 to 64 since implementing Sprockets.

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McDonald’s Franchisee Reduces Employee Turnover by 24% With Sprockets

Hiring and retaining quality employees is harder than ever, so why do businesses still use an outdated process that simply doesn’t work? This McDonald’s franchisee decided it was time to try something different — it was time to try Sprockets that’s proven to improve employee retention.

McDonald's case study cover with a smiling employee
McDonald's case study cover with a smiling employee
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Sourcing Success Story

An 8-location McDonald’s group ran a Sprockets Pools campaign and received 121 applicants in 6 days with $0 in ad spend!


Applicants Enrolled

Past applicants from all eight stores were engaged in a personalized text-message campaign.


Applicants Engaged

671 Applicants Engaged

Interested applicants clicked on the “Apply” link created using Sprockets’ hiring platform.


Applications Received

By the sixth day, 121 interested and qualified applicants re-applied with no additional sourcing cost!

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Michell Enterprises, LLC (28 Locations)

Reduced Employee Turnover to 34% and 0% Shift Leader Turnover After 90-Days

“After implementing Sprockets across 6 locations initially, 90-day turnover was reduced to 34% and Shift Leader 90-day turnover was reduced to zero! Optimal staffing levels were achieved and have been maintained. With positive feedback from the GMs and hiring managers, we rolled it out in the entire organization.”

Jim Kennedy, Director of Operations

DeeAnn Mgmt., LLC (2 Locations)

Grew Crew Member Size From 40 to 65

“The scoring system was a game-changer in the hiring process. We no longer deal with unqualified candidates, wasting our time and theirs.”

Tony Figueroa, Supervisor

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"A big plus is the alerts that the general and hiring managers get so they can contact applicants faster than the competitors they've applied to, giving us a better chance of hiring a great individual"

Jim Kennedy, Michell Enterprises

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"To those considering a solution to the hiring process, I recommend giving Sprockets a chance. Our experience speaks volumes about its positive impact on an organization's operations and team dynamics"

Tony Figueroa, DeeAnn Management

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"Our crew is staying with the organization longer. The average number of employees who stay at least one year has grown from 11 crew members to 28 since October 2021"

- Rhiannon Wilson, Lafontant Orgnization

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Sprockets works alongside your current system to help you source, screen, and select the best applicants for open positions. It’s the solution to hiring hourly employees you’ll wish you discovered sooner.