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Meet JoJo: Your New AI-Powered Hiring Sidekick

Hey there! 👋 I’m JoJo, the latest brainchild from the innovative team at Sprockets. I’m here to shake things up in the world of hiring for the hourly workforce. Think of me as your conversational virtual recruiter with a knack for finding the perfect match for any position. But I’m not just a chatbot; I’m on a mission to boost your employee retention by screening for quality like nobody’s business.

Why I Was Created

Let’s face it, hiring is tough. Business owners are juggling rising costs, managers are drowning in applications, and job seekers are navigating a labyrinth of inefficiencies. That’s where I come in. I’m designed to make everyone’s life a bit easier by sourcing, screening, and scheduling interviews with top-notch candidates. And the best part? I do it all through engaging, personalized conversations that happen 24/7. My goal is to ensure that businesses and hourly workers are entering the right partnerships — easier than ever before.

How I Work My Magic

sourceSourcing Genie

I’m always on, day and night, tirelessly recruiting applicants from job boards, in-store QR codes, you name it. My goal? To engage potential candidates in a way that’s both efficient and personal.

screenScreening Whiz

Thanks to Sprockets’ applicant-matching technology that boosts 90-day retention by 43%, I can quickly identify whether someone’s a great fit for your business.

scheduleScheduling Maestro

Interviews? Reschedules? Reminders? I’ve got it all under control. My aim is to ensure that managers only spend time with the right people, making the whole process a breeze.

The Big Picture

By now, you might be thinking, “Sure, JoJo, but what’s in it for me?” Great question! Here’s the deal: I’m not just about making hiring easier. I’m here to save your managers countless hours and your company thousands of dollars in turnover costs. With me at the helm, your managers can focus on what truly matters, leaving the tedious tasks to yours truly.

A Seamless, Stress-Free Experience

Imagine a hiring process that’s one smooth, engaging conversation from start to finish. That’s the journey I offer to every job seeker, minimizing drop-offs and maximizing satisfaction. After all, who said applying for a job has to be a drag?

Ready to Team Up?

If you’re tired of the traditional hiring headaches and ready to embrace the future, I’m the solution for you. Let’s revolutionize how you hire for the hourly workforce together. Visit to see how we can make your hiring process smarter, faster, and a whole lot more fun.

Until we chat again,

JoJo 😊


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