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Sprockets’ Start in Sports

“We succeeded in building the best sports recruiting tool in the country. Now, it’s time to change the HR industry.”

Did you know that Sprockets started as a sports recruiting tool for professional sports teams? After watching a documentary about Tom Brady being selected 199th in the draft, our Founder researched hundreds of existing metrics that would explain how 32 NFL teams with all the resources in the world (salary cap $155 million per year) could pass on the greatest athlete of all time… 6 times. Five Super Bowls later, NFL scouts credit Brady’s success to nebulous and overused sports terms like “heart”, “grit”, and a “winner’s mentality”.

Using those phrases only contributes to the problem as they require subjective and biased opinion. If they were useful, the best players in the league would also be recruited and picked first.

The following 4 questions lived on our whiteboard for 10 months:

  • What makes an athlete great?
  • Why aren’t the most physically superior athletes the most successful?
  • Can we identify an athlete with the “x-factor”?
  • Can we identify which athletes will fail?

So, we went to work developing technology that could effectively measure an individual’s mental makeup, determine the shared characteristics of the best athletes in the world, and create predictive algorithms to help teams with prospecting.

In two short years, college and professional sports teams that used our software doubled (from 31% to 63%) their win percentage. The Denver Outlaws, as an example, just won the Major League Lacrosse Championship.

Bringing the Tech to Businesses

As we started to scale, we engaged with a few smart human resource departments at big companies. The results were better than expected. We always had confidence that the technology would work in sports, but the case studies in “the business world” far exceeded our wildest expectations.

  • Sprockets reduced the turnover of our customers.
  • The technology accurately predicted the success rate of 94% of the employees observed.
  • The Sprockets system cost 250X less than competitors in the space.
  • Every company that we worked with saw an increase in sales, employees, and engagement.
  • Sprockets helped companies that previously could not use assessment technology.

Previously, our total available market (TAM) was roughly 150 professional sports teams. If we transitioned our proven technology to help companies with hiring, the TAM would exceed 27,000,000 prospects.

Sprockets helps companies hire more top-performing people. We are able to decrease the number of screening interviews, allow you to conduct unlimited candidate assessments for only $99 per month, and reduce turnover through increased employee engagement.


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