Applicant Sourcing: Re-Engage Past Talent Pool

Applicant Sourcing: Re-Engage Past Talent Pool 150 150 Sprockets

Sourcing applicants when you have a job opening can seem like a big hurdle. However, by using multiple tactics to bring in applicants, you increase your likelihood of not only expanding your applicant pool, but finding the perfect person for your business. One commonly overlooked tactic is re-engaging your past applicant pool. For example, if you have had the same job opening posted for over one year, what are the chances that you missed a great applicant when you only hired one person at a time? Either you had to reject the runner-up at the time or an applicant didn’t have the experience you wanted or their initial interview simply didn’t go well. These factors do not mean these are not still good applicants now.  Learn why it is worth it to give this pool of applicants another chance. 


Why to Re-Engage Past Applicants

The Hiring Process is Faster

Your past applicant pool is just sitting in your job board or ATS. That means you do not have to wait for new applicants to come in when you post a job. By reaching out to past applicants with an initial email and follow-up phone call to those who respond, you drastically cut down your time to hire.


It Saves You Time and Money

How much does it cost you to post and sponsor a job opening on Indeed? How much time do you spend corresponding with all of the new applicants and sorting through them? Imagine getting to bypass that step by simply re-engaging past candidates – it does not cost you a thing! You have already spent the money to get them into your database, take advantage of it.



They are More Likely to Say Yes

Past applicants are more likely to say yes to a job with your company than the potential applicants you are trying to recruit. They are familiar with your business and have already shown you that they are interested in a job with your business.



Passive Recruits are Overlooked

Many hiring managers are skeptical of re-engaging with past applicants, thinking they already have a new job and could not possibly still be looking. However, the majority of the hourly workforce is open to or seeking a second job! While they may not be looking for as many hours as if working for your business was their main job, they may still be interested in working a few extra hours per week.



How to Re-Engage Past Applicants

In order to be in a good place to re-engage your past applicant pool, it is important to have the procedures in place that will make these applicants want to re-engage with you. This comes with treating all applicants the same during the application process – even if they are rejected. Let’s take a look into what that means.


Be Respectful

While you are sifting through applicants as they come in, it is important to treat them all with respect. How upset do you get when a candidate simply ghosts you by not responding or is a no-show to an interview? Candidates that have put in the time to fill out your application can feel the same way when they apply to a job and never get any type of response. 

It is important to keep in contact with candidates, whether it’s letting them know that you have already selected another applicant, inviting someone for an interview, or that you want to hire them. For all of the applicants that you reject, it is important to let them know that you appreciate them taking the time to apply and that you will keep their application on file for future openings. This is an important message to keep in mind because even if they are not currently a good match for your business, they might be in the future.



Be Honest

If someone doesn’t have the qualifications or experience needed at the point in time in which they originally applied, be honest with them. Let them know what you are seeking in a candidate and encourage them to reapply if their situation changes. 


Contacting Past Applicants

Once you have decided to re-engage past applicants it is important to get your messaging right. They may have forgotten they once applied at your business or may be confused by an out-of-the-blue message. Include these basics when writing to re-engage past applicants or simply modify our template below.

  • Establish the business name and location
  • Name the open position(s)
  • Remind them they once applied
  • Clearly state why you are reaching out
Subject Line: Job Opening at [Business Name]

Hi [ First Name],

Thank you for taking the time to apply at [Business Name] of [Location]. We are once again hiring for [position name(s) and thought you might be interested. As a reminder, the [business hours/shift times] are [list business hours/common shifts available]. 

If you are still interested, simply respond to this email with three times you are available for a phone call.

Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon.


[Hiring Manager/Business Owner Name]


Sprockets for Sourcing

If you have decided to move forward with re-engaging your past applicants, congratulations! It is a great idea to look back into your past applicants to find the hidden gems. While this does still take some time and effort, utilizing Sprockets can help! Sprockets’ easy-to-read applicant scoring shows you which applicants are a good match for your business based on how they compare to your best employees. All of this is done with a mobile-friendly, short survey that can be included in emails to applicants. Learn more about Sprockets’ hiring solution for franchisees.