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Hire the Best Employees With Our Personality Test

Our pre-employment personality assessments measure top personality traits and compare applicant results against your top performers’ traits.

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A Personality Assessment Test That Gives You an In-Depth Behavioral Profile

Create a personalized employee benchmark to filter through candidates with a precise understanding of what works best for your organization. Learn how potential employees react in key situations

  • The Mental Makeup Analysis (MMA) Reports analyze over 50 characteristics and prioritize the top five qualities identified in your baseline success profile, as well as secondary attributes, traits, and characteristics.

  • Gain key insights into applicants’ potential behaviors, how they react to different situations, and if their responses prove they will be a good fit for your organization’s needs.

  • Get a reliable picture of applicants and compare applicants’ results to their success profiles.

Drive Efficiency in Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

Making hiring decisions takes time. But making the wrong decision and having to rehire takes even more time and money. Sprockets’ personality assessment streamlines the process.

Receive Objective Insights with Psycholinguistics and Artificial Intelligence

Get quantitative data for your human resources records and hiring process. We’ll analyze your existing winning team to help you hire applicants similar to your top performers.

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Our Personality Assessments Create Simple Red-Yellow-Green Scores

Sprockets’ simple frameworks guide hiring managers in making clear, fast hiring decisions. Finding and hiring the right fit for your team should be easy. A simple red, yellow, or green indicator to sort through results and determine what actions to take next based on how well they match your top performers’ results.

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How Companies Are Building Their Teams With Sprockets Personality Assessments

At Sprockets, our personality assessments are designed to do more than assess an applicant’s personality responses and potential behaviors. Our simple red-yellow-green scoring system streamlines your hiring process so you can fill vacant positions quickly and with confidence.

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Start Finding The Ideal Fit Faster

Our clients enjoy the personalized approach we take and the in-depth reports they can get on their applicants’ personalities, behaviors, and reactions to key scenarios.

"It helps us make better hiring choices, and we love the personality breakdowns that Sprockets gives us for each applicant."

Jimmy Johns · Franchise Representative.

Hire the Best Employees With a
Personality Assessment Test