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Papa John’s Rollout
of Sprockets

Join us as we roll out Sprockets’ hiring software to reduce costly employee turnover, speed up the hiring process, and stabilize staffing levels across Papa John’s locations.

Watch and Learn

Papa Johns Employee with Sprockets technology
Your current top-performing employees answer three brief questions, and our restaurant hiring software creates unique success profiles.
Our staffing solution has applicants answer the same questions to identify shared personality traits and predict their likelihood of success.
Hire the best employees for your restaurant based on their fit scores, then use the time you saved to focus on daily operations!
Hospitality Applicant Top Match
Hospitality Applicant Top Match
1 Survey
QSR Top Performer with Personality Traits
QSR Sprockets Score
Personality trait
QSR Sprockets Score
2 Screen
Top Performer
QSR Sprockets Score
Trust Personality Trait
Top Match
3 Select
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Chick-fil-A logo
Everyone that we’ve hired using the Sprockets platform have been stellar additions to our team."
- Will Swan, HR Director, Chick-fil-A

Proven Success

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Get Started With Sprockets

The Sprockets team is committed to helping the Papa John’s network with reducing turnover, speeding up the hiring process, and stabilizing staffing levels.


Papa John’s recently negotiated with Sprockets to offer a 55% discount ($59/month/location) for all FAC members. Deadline is June 29th


Sprockets will be hosting an online information session on Thursday, June 23rd at 2pm, for those that did not attend the FAC People Committee meeting.

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