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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Recruitment

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Recruitment 1468 980 Sprockets
Key Takeaways from Post:
  • Finding candidates will always be challenging, but AI makes the process more efficient.

  • Companies like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Sprockets are using AI to match the candidate’s skills and personality to your organizational needs.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not designed to replace recruiters. It is designed to help recruiters.

The Impact of AI on Recruitment

Recruiting technology has become much more advanced in the past five years. Artificial intelligence continues to rise in popularity, creating new opportunities and obstacles for the job search market. Finding new talent is an incredible feat with so many candidates out there. In the future, technology will automate more and more job searches.

Here are a few other ways that AI will impact the hiring process in the years to come.

A New Job Board

Have you ever posted an application and immediately gotten a match? How accurate was the match to your job description? Artificial intelligence are looking to make that match even more accurate. Data can now improve upon the accuracy of job skills, salaries, and user tendencies so that you get a candidate that will truly match what you are looking for. Job boards are utilizing AI more and more to match data points with the right opportunities. For example, AI and machine-learning have helped job boards like Indeed make predictive analysis on what a salary should be for a certain job.

In addition, Indeed’s AI can pull information from resumes through natural-language processing. This allows the computer to extract relevant key phrases from text using only computer programs. This helps the AI match skills with applications in certain industries.

Ultimately, this data and matchmaking will lead to less time spent looking for candidates.

Skills Testing

For recruiters looking at technical candidates, skills testing on sites like CodeFights is a huge relief. It can open the doors for programmers who have proven their skills on the skills-based platform. Artificial intelligence can track these skills tests and offer up candidates to recruiters who want to find very specific skills within programming and development.

The founder of CodeFights says that job searches are going to get much easier with more objective data, especially for technical recruiting. In fact, he thinks that job sites will become hubs for skills-building and education, allowing job seekers to prove their quality to the recruiter or hiring manager before getting into the interview.

Assessment software is already a popular tool during the hiring process, but with AI, it could become as simple as a quiz to ensure that the candidate has all of the skills necessary to perform the job. Learn how Sprockets’ AI-backed, predictive hiring solution can help your company.

This new layer of testing may become the definitive way that certain industry-specific candidates are selected. Instead of applying with a resume, candidates may simply sign up to take an assessment. The AI can then match answers and data points with what skills are necessary at certain tech firms. New algorithms and testing processes will predict which candidates have the best skills for certain projects, and it could get even more granular than that.

More Efficiency and Deeper Knowledge of Candidates

LinkedIn is using AI to sort job seeking and recruiting data. There are over 500 million users on LinkedIn, so there are millions of interactions that are being recorded and collected, ultimately improving the rate at which a candidate is found.

Today’s talent search can feel extremely slow and inefficient at times. You may have to send out applications, emails, and networking requests only to hear back nothing, or worse, you can spend all the time on a candidate who doesn’t really have the skills you were looking for in the interview.

With Artificial intelligence, you can now sort through candidates at faster rates, instantly matching based on certain skills and previous work experience. This is only going to improve as AI learns more about the job search and recruiting process.Some businesses are already using AI to hire candidates when they are in a crunch for certain projects. While it doesn’t lead to a perfect fit all the time, companies are getting close to recruiting with just an AI chat bot in some cases.

Tech workers believe that recruiters will spend less time on job boards and more quality time with potential recruits. With more pre-screened efficient matches, recruiters will be able to impress companies with their ability to find highly qualified candidates.

Should Recruiters Worry About AI?

There are some who think that job recruiters could be replaced by AI engines. However, there is no substitute for the human touch in the hiring process. Mundane tasks can be eliminated by artificial intelligence based to make the hiring process more efficient and effective.

Final Word

While AI may be working out most of the kinks in the job search process, machine-learning and algorithms don’t tell the whole story. Recruiters should leverage these AI programs in order to find high-quality candidates. High quality candidates  are those who have the talent and people skills to work with the right team.