Why Spinx Chose to Hire With Sprockets Over Leading Assessment Company

Spinx Convenience Stores implemented Sprockets’ hiring platform at select locations to help them improve employee retention during the labor crisis. They already had an assessment tool in place, but they were still struggling to stabilize staffing levels — until Spinx supercharged their hiring process with Sprockets.

Sprockets’ simple scoring system made it easy to hire associates who would succeed and stay long-term
$31,200 in 90-Day Savings
They saved a total of $31,200 during the initial 90 days since they didn’t have to deal with costly employee turnover.
$124,800 Annual Savings
Ultimately, Sprockets saved the initial locations an estimated $124,800 on hiring costs when calculated for the entire year.

The Goal

Spinx Convenience Stores wanted to make smarter hiring decisions, end the costly cycle of employee turnover, and continue their expansion across South Carolina.

The Solution

Sprockets’ Applicant Matching System created unique success profiles based on the mental makeup of each location’s best workers and used these to evaluate applicants, assigning “fit scores” based on their likelihood to succeed and stay longer than 90 days. This simple scoring system made it easy for owners and operators to see who would be a great fit for each location without the need for resumes and interviews.

The Results

Sprockets analyzed the hiring data of 20 Spinx locations, comparing 90-day retention with Sprockets versus their previous hiring solution. The Sprockets platform proved to be more effective at improving employee retention than their previous hiring solution, so Spinx leadership decided to do a full rollout to all 83 locations after the pilot concluded, replacing the other provider.