McDonald’s and the Difference Location Makes

THE CHALLENGE: The average McDonald’s franchise loses nearly $400,000 annually in turnover and staff replacement costs, with overworked general managers left to do the hiring.

THE SOLUTION: To study staff traits and do our part to support the McRib, we partnered with a McDonald’s franchisee to identify the key attributes of top employees at four locations.

McDonald’s Case Study – Location Matters

You may have heard that when it comes to business, location is everything. That’s true in more ways than one. Sprockets, in partnership with a McDonald’s franchisee, discovered over a 90-day study across four locations that high-performing employee traits vary significantly by individual restaurant. As you know, Sprockets scores applicants based on the personality characteristics of a company’s best team members. Of the 55 traits we examined, the makeup of a successful employee was vastly different from location to location, even though they weren’t far apart geographically. This finding is consistent with typical contrasts in management style and culture between workplaces, and demonstrates our software’s hyper-targeted analysis and scoring. Simply put, an employee who would be a rockstar at one location wouldn’t fit in another. With Sprockets you can tell the difference.

mcdonalds cashier

“I do like the new platform… it’s a great tool to have.”

– McDonald’s franchise GM – Kentucky