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Shideler Bennett shares his journey from sales to franchising and his passion for helping others. He emphasizes the importance of starting small and gaining experience before diving into entrepreneurship. Shideler discusses the misconception that being entrepreneurial means starting your own business and highlights the benefits of using the structure of franchising to accelerate growth. He also talks about the challenges of managing hourly workers in the retail food industry and the importance of creating a positive culture across multiple locations. The conversation focused on the importance of having a clear vision and set of principles within an organization. The three core principles for Crumble Cookies are understanding the vision, doing things the Crumble way, and always having a game plan. These principles help guide decision-making and ensure consistency across locations. The conversation also touched on the high retention rate of Crumble's hourly workers, which is attributed to the positive and lighthearted atmosphere, flexible schedules, good pay, and employee perks. The guest emphasized the importance of hiring within the organization and promoting from within to maintain the desired culture. Lastly, the conversation highlighted the challenges and opportunities in the industry, with a focus on the need for positive energy and a strong company culture.


Empowering the Invisible Workforce for Shared Success

By AJ Richichi

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