Rasheeda Clark

Rasheeda Clark, the president Flynn Group - Wendy's, discusses her career journey from being a world-class athlete to leading large teams in the franchise industry. She emphasizes the importance of transferable skills from sports to business and highlights the dynamic and complex nature of leading multi-generational teams. Rasheeda also provides insights into the success of Flynn Group, including its focus on people, its diverse portfolio of brands, and its position for long-term sustainability. She discusses the fast-paced environment of quick-service restaurants and the challenges of recruiting and retaining the right people. Rasheeda shares strategies for reducing turnover, such as career mapping and development programs, and emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and communication in building a strong culture. Overall, Rasheeda's passion for leadership, development, and creating a positive work environment shines through in the conversation.


Empowering the Invisible Workforce for Shared Success

By AJ Richichi

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