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How to Identify Top Performers at Your Business

Having employees who are committed to giving their all are a key part of what makes a company successful. However, the labor crisis has made it difficult to recruit and retain anyone, let alone top-performing employees. Continue reading to learn how to identify top performers with advanced technology like Sprockets so you won’t have to keep searching for needles in a haystack.

What Is a Top Performer?

Top performers in a company are the employees that display the most desirable characteristics for workers. According to SHRM, 5% to 30% of employees at a company are top performers. To them, their work isn’t just a job, but rather an opportunity to better the company and themselves. Top performers hone in on their skills and take on additional responsibilities; it’s clear they’re committed to the success of the business.

How to Identify Top Performers

While the “top talent” definition may vary from location to location, there are several characteristics that top performers share. For one, they deeply understand the importance of quality over quantity. A job well done is their personal mission. They exceed expectations, consistently think on their toes, and maintain a positive attitude even when there are bumps in the road. When you’re identifying top performers, you’ll also want to look for employees that take initiative and have a true desire to grow.


“To them, their work isn’t just a job, but rather an opportunity to better the company and themselves.”


What Is the Best Way to Evaluate Employee Performance?

Although it’s possible to determine who your top performers are through observation and communication, it’s better to utilize technology like AI screening. The best employee assessment tools ensure precise, accurate results without inherent bias. Plus, hiring platforms like Sprockets are proven to boost 90-day employee retention by an average of 43%.

Replicate Your Top Performers

Do you want to add more top performers to your team? Hire 37% faster and retain employees longer with Sprockets! Our hiring platform uses AI and natural language processing to identify which current employees are top talent based on their answers to a brief, three-question survey. Job seekers can take the same survey, and Sprockets’ Applicant Matching System will reveal which potential hires will succeed and stay long-term like your top performers, ultimately empowering you to build strong, cohesive teams. 


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