AI-Powered Hiring for the Hourly Workforce

Sprockets automates manual tasks and reduces employee turnover with AI hiring software built to overcome today’s unique challenges.


Discover the Benefits of an Automated Hiring System

Sprockets is AI-powered without being over-powering. It simply enables managers to focus on daily operations rather than waste time reviewing resumes, conducting interviews that aren’t worthwhile, and chasing down candidates who wouldn’t work out anyway.

Sprockets ensures you always have a pool of high-quality applicants who are ready to fill open positions thanks to free job postings and automated engagement campaigns.

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Managers receive instant notifications about the ideal applicants and can immediately schedule an interview or extend an offer, reducing time-to-hire to mere minutes.

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Our AI-powered platform automatically predicts applicant success so you can hire the best workers every time and save thousands of dollars by reducing turnover.


KFC Franchisee Doubles Employee Retention

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28-Location McDonald's Franchisee Reduces 90-Day Turnover to 34%

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Sprockets Works Hard So You Can Work Smart


Sprockets identifies the ideal applicants by analyzing responses to three pre-interview questions and determining who shares key personality traits with top performers.


Once the system identifies someone who would be a great fit for a role, it instantly notifies both the manager and applicant, enabling them to take next steps.


Without even logging into the system, managers can then contact the applicant, set up an interview, or send them a job offer if they have an exceptional fit score.

Optimize Conversion with JoJo, Our Virtual Recruiter

Whether a jobseeker applies at 11PM on a Friday night or texts to reschedule at 4AM on a Tuesday, JoJo will take care of it. But, that’s not even their best feature!

JoJo prides themselves on providing only the best quality pre-screened and pre-qualified applicants. They’ve been trained to help businesses hire quickly, and with the greatest precision. Let’s hire the right people… not just warm bodies 🙂


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Sprockets Connects to Your Current Hiring Tools

Our AI-powered hiring solution works alongside any system, offering simple integrations with McHire by Paradox, TalentReef, JazzHR, and more. There’s no “rip and replace” necessary. It just supercharges whatever HR tech your company currently uses.

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Solve Your Staffing Challenges With Sprockets’ AI Hiring Software

Sprockets works alongside your current system to help you source, screen, and select the best applicants for open positions. It’s the solution to hiring hourly employees you’ll wish you discovered sooner.