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3 Restaurants Now Offering Subscription Programs for Customers

3 Restaurants Now Offering Subscription Programs for Customers 1016 528 Sprockets

Are you struggling to maximize sales at your fast-casual or quick-service restaurant? Consider spicing things up at your restaurant with a subscription-based incentive! Continue reading to discover which restaurants currently offer fast-food subscription programs and why it’s worth considering for your own business. Plus, find out how you can start building strong teams that will succeed and stay long-term. 

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1. Taco Bell’s Taco Subscription

Let’s taco ‘bout Taco Bell’s newest fast-food subscription service: The Taco Lover’s Pass! Subscribers can enjoy one FREE taco each day for 30 days when they download the Taco Bell app. The taco subscription is just $5 to $10, depending on the location. Taco-fanatics can treat themselves to seven different types of tacos, including the Crunch Taco, Crunch Taco Supreme, Soft Taco, Soft Taco Supreme, Doritos Locos Tacos, Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme, and Spicy Potato Soft Taco. Although Taco Bell’s subscription plan is currently only available in select Arizona locations, Taco Bell’s taco subscription might make its way to all 50 states. 

2. Panera: MyPanera + Coffee

Is coffee the fuel that helps your business run? You and your employees might love – and learn a thing or two – from Panera’s new monthly subscription. MyPanera + Coffee subscribers can get free, hot or iced coffee through 2021. Then, they can sip unlimited coffee in any flavor for just nine dollars a month starting January 1. To join, customers just need to create or sign-in to their MyPanera account, select their subscription plan, and order their favorite drink. They can receive free coffee every two hours via drive-thru and unlimited refills in the restaurant. Subscribers can pair their beverage with a bagel, muffin, or any breakfast item for the perfect combo (and some bonus revenue for the restaurant).

3. On the Border Mexican Grill and Cantina: Queso Club

In ques(o) you didn’t know, On The Border Mexican Grill and Cantina is offering 365 days of free queso for just one dollar. People can get their hands on free queso for a year by signing up for a Border Rewards account. Then, the next time they’re enjoying a bowl of queso in their restaurant, they can subscribe to the $1 Queso Club and enjoy an entire year’s worth of FREE QUESO. And, in case you think this is a cheesy deal, Border Rewards members also receive personalized rewards, sneak peeks to VIP events, and challenges! Subscribers earn one point for every dollar they spend in the restaurant which they can redeem for discounts on food and drinks.  

Monthly Restaurant Subscription Benefits

Of course, these restaurants aren’t the first to dabble in subscription services. Several benefits can arise from fast-food subscription programs, including:

  1. Increased Revenue: When customers visit the restaurant to retrieve their free taco or cup of coffee, they will likely purchase additional items to make it a meal. 
  2. Customer Loyalty: The brand is able to connect to their customers – both new and current – in an engaging way, increasing customer loyalty. For example, 35% of Panera’s subscribers were new customers. 
  3. Competitive Advantage: Subscriptions like Taco Bell’s taco plan can set your brand apart from competitors, especially during a labor crisis. 

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Someone holding a tablet with apps and marketing tools for franchisees

Franchise Marketing Tools You Shouldn’t Ignore

Franchise Marketing Tools You Shouldn’t Ignore 2048 1365 Sprockets

From healthcare to restaurants, franchisees from all industries must partake in marketing. Marketing fuels business growth, brand image and can even increase the number of job applicants you get. Investing in marketing and community outreach is especially important for new location openings. The messaging for each industry may be different, but the franchise marketing tools to deliver messaging are the same. Check out the franchise marketing tools our team recommends!


Email Marketing

Did you host a giveaway when your location opened? Have you hosted any giveaways? Using this list of emails to remind them of new products, limited-time deals, and job openings is an effective way to stay top of mind. If you aren’t already collecting email addresses from customers, you can do so by asking for them on customer feedback surveys and offering an incentive for taking them, like a free food item or discount on a cleaning service). Many mass email platforms are free for up to a certain number of contacts or emails per month, such as TinyLetter, Benchmark Email, Constant Contact, and more. One of our free favorites is Mailchimp.


Social Media

All social media websites are free. While your corporate office may operate their own accounts, it’s also important to have pages for each location you operate (if this is allowed). This is because you can use it to post job openings, announce events and support of non-profits, show off your company culture, or hold giveaways. In addition, more and more people take to social media for complaints. You want to be able to acknowledge these complaints head on and make them right. The essential social media platforms to be on are Facebook and Twitter, since they allow the most interaction. If you have pleasing pictures of food to post, consider adding Instagram to the mix.

Does time seem to get away from you when you’re on-location? Check out these free social media scheduling tools to plan messaging in advance: Hootsuite, Buffer and Tweetdeck.


Community Outreach

Engaging with your community is an effective way to gain new customers and engage current customers. A few popular tactics are sponsoring local sports teams, reading programs with local schools and donating food or money to non-profits you support in the area.

Another idea is participating in local walks for a cause, which not only gets your brand out into the community, but also serves as a team-building event for employees.


Google Maps / Waze

One of the most important things to do is register your business location and phone number with Google. After completing this first step, people can easily put on directions to find your business.  If you haven’t already completed this step, here are directions for doing so.

Waze, a newer alternative to Google Maps, offers an advertising feature for B2C companies that allows you to advertise your business as they are driving near the area the business is in. For example, if someone has their directions on through Waze and is half a mile from your restaurant, an ad can pop up and redirect them to the restaurant if they choose!


Before implementing any new marketing tactics of your own, it’s important to ensure your messaging and design adheres to brand guidelines set forth by your franchisor. 


Plus, check out our guide for hosting a great grand opening event.