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How Top Franchisees Spend Less on Sourcing and Attract Better Employees

In today’s “click-to-apply” culture, people can apply to dozens of jobs in a matter of minutes, which might sound great for understaffed restaurants in need of employees. However, it’s actually causing unprecedented challenges. The truth is that only a fraction of the applications ever get viewed since managers can’t possibly sift through them all to identify the ideal candidates and contact them quickly enough. So, they make bad hires out of desperation and remain in a cycle of employee turnover. Luckily, there’s a solution.

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“Sprockets has streamlined the hiring process by utilizing online capabilities, removing the need for paper applications and categorizing employees with a rating to reduce potential time wasted on those that may not fit our business approach/model..”

- Ryan Ignasiak - Owner, Baldwin DQ

Sprockets works alongside your current system to help you source, screen, and select the best applicants for open positions. It’s the solution to hiring hourly employees you’ll wish you discovered sooner.