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KFC Franchisee Doubles Employee Retention With Sprockets

Hiring quality employees is harder than ever with today’s click-to-apply culture, rise in applicant ghosting, and use of poor screening methods. This KFC franchisee decided it was time to try something different — it was time to try Sprockets that’s proven to improve employee retention.

Thousands Saved
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In the first six months, Sprockets’ hiring solution reduced the number of hires that O, Inc. had to make by 186, ultimately saving them at least $186,000.

90-Day Retention
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90-Day Retention

The first three months are crucial for new employees to settle into a role and for managers to really see if they’ll work out. Thanks to Sprockets, O, Inc. more than doubled their 90-day employee retention from 26% to 58%. This helped them avoid costly turnover and retain productive, experienced workers.

Applicant Flow
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Applicant Flow

Like many other franchisees, applicant flow was a challenge for O, Inc. Sprockets’ Pools campaigns able to get 84 applicants back into their hiring funnel by re-engaging past applicants with no additional money spent on sourcing.

Staff Vacancy
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Staff Vacancy

When locations are understaffed, it puts extra pressure on the rest of the team and often increases overtime costs for the business owners. Since adding Sprockets to their process, O, Inc. has been able to achieve their lowest staff vacancy numbers in the last three years!

Workplace Culture
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Workplace Culture

Team morale, especially at the manager level, is crucial for maintaining a positive workplace culture. According to O, Inc., Sprockets’ alerts about when top applicants apply has boosted team morale and gets managers excited to interview the applicants.

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Why Top Brands Hire With Sprockets

Simply put, Sprockets increases your hiring success rate by automatically engaging your applicants and determining the ideal fit for specific roles and locations. It’s the modern solution for an outdated hiring process that is fundamentally broken.

Post Jobs for Free From Sprockets

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Excellent Match

Don't Just Hire Anybody. Create Simple Red-Yellow-Green Scores.

Red, yellow, and green indicators organize results and suggest what actions results and determine what actions to take next based on how well they match your top performers’ results.

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Sprockets works alongside your current system to help you source, screen, and select the best applicants for open positions. It’s the solution to hiring hourly employees you’ll wish you discovered sooner.