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How to Show Employee Appreciation Around the Holidays

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The holiday season is a joyous time to spend with friends and family. But, it’s also a good time of year for employers and managers to show appreciation for their employees. Showing appreciation doesn’t have to mean spending a ridiculous amount of money. In fact, the best way to show your appreciation is through meaningful actions and gifts. 

Just how many businesses participate in gift giving during the holiday season? A survey showed that 78 percent of respondents said their companies are offering a year-end gift or bonus. Of these respondents, about half said the gift is either a monetary contribution or item under $100. 

Let’s dive into how you can show appreciation for your employees over the holidays.


Individual Recognition

A free, yet effective, way to show appreciation over the holidays is by giving employees individual recognition. This does not mean saying “thanks for your work” at the end of a day. Showing individual recognition entails calling out the positive contributions of each employee in front of their peers, showing them and others that you value them as an employee. This type of appreciation can also contribute to employee engagement and recognition when done effectively.


Eat a Meal as a Team

Depending on your business hours and shifts, eating a meal as a team can offer many benefits. Paying for the meal itself is a way to show your appreciation for your employees. On top of that, the conversations and recognition that can be given during the meal is also valuable. This option also fosters team building for those employees who may not know each other well. By eating as a team, you can foster communication and build employee engagement.

The extension of this, which is more expensive, is hosting a holiday party for your employees. Hosting a holiday party can be a dinner at a local restaurant, a cocktail party at a special venue, or a get together with snacks at someone’s home. A holiday party typically entails inviting all employees and a guest for each of them. This can be a good option if your workday is typically jam-packed and you have a large staff. The benefits of this option are that the time and money put into hosting an event shows your staff they are appreciated. Similar to the other options, this is also a good opportunity to show verbal appreciation through recognition. With an after-hours event you can do fun “awards” to recognize each employee. Plus, getting employees’ guests involved further cements their commitment to your company by involving people that are important to them.


Small, Usable Gifts

Providing gifts to employees is not expected, but can be a nice surprise in the holiday season of giving. When giving gifts, be sure to add a note. The added note could simply be “Thank you for your continued hard work throughout the year. I appreciate all of your efforts around [company name].”

In terms of gifts, small and usable gifts are a good bet. Gift ideas entail food items, small tech items, or practical items. Whatever you decide to give, be sure you don’t discriminate the value from person to person. For food gifts, think of giving a ham/turkey, fruit basket, special chocolates, etc.). Tech gifts could include bluetooth headphones or a portable speaker. Practical gift items is a fun category to explore. Some of our favorite gift ideas include a reusable water bottle, travel mugs, fleece blankets, or simply a cash bonus!

Wrapping it Up

In the end, there are many ways to show appreciation for your employees. Small, subtle gifts such as a holiday team meal or a small bonus for holiday shopping are great ways to express gratitude. Other creative gifts like giving training on personal finance or hiring a motivational speaker to speak on an aspect of life are fantastic too.


What have you done to show employee appreciation around the holidays and throughout the year? We’d love to hear what’s worked well and what gifts were crowd-pleasers!

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