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How a KFC Franchisee Boosted Employee Retention and Filled the Gaps in Their Staff

Join Paul Accordino, VP of operations for KFC franchise group O Incorporated, and AJ Richichi, founder and CEO of Sprockets, as they discuss O Inc.’s journey to doubling its employee retention and achieving its lowest staff vacancy rates in over three years. You’ll gain insights into the current roadblocks franchisees are facing in the labor crunch, why it’s time to rethink the way you hire and the real changes that O Inc. made to its hiring process to come out on top and fill the gaps in its staff.

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"We’ve achieved our lowest employee vacancy rates in three years!"

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Sprockets works alongside your current system to help you source, screen, and select the best applicants for open positions. It’s the solution to hiring hourly employees you’ll wish you discovered sooner.