Maximize Your WOTC Incentive While Hiring the Ideal Applicants

Reveal which applicants will provide tax credits and perform like your best employees before you hire them! Sprockets shows you who is eligible for Work Opportunity Tax Credits and provides fit scores for each applicant, empowering you to make better hiring decisions. BACKGROUND IMAGE Image FP

It’s a Win-Win for Employers and Applicants

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Know who will perform well and provide tax credits for your business.

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See which applicants will stay long-term and work well with the rest of your team.

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Provide job opportunities to individuals who might otherwise face bias.

Leave All the Work to Us

Our team takes care of everything from start to finish,
allowing you to focus on the daily operations of your business.
Here’s how it works:

  • Send the WOTC questionnaire to applicants.
  • See WOTC eligibility in your dashboard.
  • We set up and send the appropriate paperwork.
  • Receive completed IRS forms for easy filing.
WOTC Sprockets

Hear From Happy Sprockets Users

Sprockets users improve retention by 43%, on average! Sign up today to join the long list of satisfied customers, which includes a Comfort Keepers professional who had this to say:

"Sprockets is no doubt helping us to cut through the noise and select awesome team members that are able to thrive with us and make our business better!” IMAGE FPO

Comfort Keepers · Franchise Representative

Pinpoint the Perfect Hires

Hire the ideal applicant every time with our AI-powered solution. You’ll maximize your tax credits, improve retention, and reduce the costs associated with employee turnover. It’s not magic — it’s logic.